Lazyboy Recliner 3-Position Locks (Parts & Repair, How it Works)

If you own a Lazyboy recliner, there’s a high chance it comes with 3-positional locks. Each locking position allows you to maximize resting comfort in any of your best position. And I am going to show you how it works and the best way to maximize it. Let’s dive in.

How Lazyboy Recliner 3-Position Lock Works

The recliner chair comes with a lever by the side. You can adjust the footrest for each locking position when you push this lever. The first locking position opens by 1/3, then the second lock position opens by ½, and for the last part, the lazy boy recliner opens by 2/3.

The first locking position gives you the best television view. The second locking position allows for comfortable relaxation. Inclining the footrest to the third footrest position provides the utmost resting position and is a good relief for back pain.

However, once you open up the footrest at the first locking position, you can’t close immediately by default. You have to move the lever to the last locking position and switch the back clockwise to lock up the footrest.

3-Position Lock Replacement & Repairs

Usually, moving the lever to achieve the best resting position on the recliner should come effortlessly. However, if it becomes difficult to close and gets stuck, there’s a need to check the underside for suitable footrest repairs.

The component responsible for locking the footrest is known as the 3-position lock. Whenever this 3-position lock has a scrape or cuts, it almost becomes difficult to adjust or return to normal position. Hence, there’s a need for change.

To make proper repairs, follow these steps:
• Turnover the recliner and expose the underside. Check whether the components are well-aligned and ensure there’s no displacement.

• With the aid of the recliner’s lever, open the footrest to maximum height.

• Look at both sides of the recliner to take out the 3-position lock. Here you locate clips and remove them on either side. Remember, one clip at a time.

• How you remove the 3-lock position component is different for each side. For one part, you only need to tag out the 3-position lock, which doesn’t have an attaching element.

• Then look at it to check for any deformations or wears and try to file it away.

• For the other side, there’s a spring held on a rotating square bar (attached to the lever or handle by the chair side). It is this spring that aids the movement of the lever for locking. Here, you remove spring from the square bar and a tad off the 3-position lock.

• Look for the correct 3-position clip and push the center clip in a square hole until you hear a click sound.

• Place the 3-position lock along with the click back to each side. Ensure you place the spring on the square tab.

• Carefully close the footrest with the lever and turn furniture to a normal position.

• Once you are done with repairs, test the footrest to ensure all 3-positions are placed securely.

Where to Buy Parts

Getting parts of a Lazyboy (especially the 3-position lock) is relatively easy. All you need is a quick search for the nearest furniture stores near you. You can also look out for parts on official Lazyboy websites. On the good side, you can buy some parts on big e-commerce stores like Amazon, BestBuy, and numerous companies.

Besides, if you need a quick fix, you can hop over to e-Bay to get some used parts. That allows you to buy these items at a lower price than getting a new one.

This sums up all you need to know about the three-locking position for the lazyboy recliner. So, you know what’s responsible for locking the footrest as you move the recliner handle one pace at a time.

Lazyboy Ratcheting Recline (How it Works, Assembly, Parts & Repair)

If you have a Lazyboy recline chair, you will probably notice it gives a clunk-like sound once you try to recline. That happens due to the presence of a Ratcheting assembly. A Ratcheting assembly allows your chair to recline permanently when you level up the footrest. Let’s take a deep dive into how this works.

How Lazyboy Ratcheting Works

Here’s how the Lazyboy ratcheting recline works. You get to operate the ratchet using a level placed by the side of the recliner chair. It is necessary to pull the lever in a counterclockwise position to control the leg rest in three different views.

The first view allows for relaxed reading while the second position of the leg rest allows television view and the complete position gives a total relaxation. When you apply pressure to rest your back entirely, the lazy boy ratcheting feature gives a clunking sound. This moves along with the way you adjust the recliner’s lever.

There are two components responsible for the sound pitch of ratcheting recline. The components are ratcheting pawl and sub-assembly. The ratcheting pawl is accountable for the recliner’s movement in a single direction. As a side note, remove obstacles and provide a clear path around the recliner to prevent accidents.

Here’s a Youtube video showing how it works

Lazyboy Ratchet Replacement and Repair

If your recliner doesn’t seem to stay in a fixed position once you recline, then it’s high time you replace or repair the ratcheting assembly.

1. First off, turn the recliner upside down and expose the underside. You will see that the ratchet Pawl is attached to a wooden floor base while the pawl rack to a front frame board.

2. Your next step is to remove springs (do this carefully with your hand), but do this only when you remove the connecting clips. On removing the connecting pins, go ahead and turn the rocker springs loose.

3. The next line of action is to insert a piece of wood spacer on each side of the loosed rocker spring. The spacer keeps the rocker spring pre-stretched so that you can remove it easily. With the spacers in place, take off three screws so you can remove the floor base.

4. Now, you can remove the racket pawl from the base and ensure you mark its location on the wooden base. You can then unhook the spring from the lever body bottom and disconnect the linkage.

5. Take the linkage and spring, then connect both to a new pawl racket. Reattach the spring back to the base and ensure it’s tight. Remove staples from the bottom carefully and install the racket. Place the staples back, put the base back in and screw them.

6. Ensure you replace the linkage and remove the wooden spacers. Place the recliner back to normal position and test the recliner by pulling the side handle or lever. Now your recliner should be perfectly fit for reclining.

Where to Buy Parts?

You can find parts from third-party E-commerce stores like Amazon. Simply check Amazon’s official page and type in the Lazyboy part (like ratcheting pawl) you want to buy. This displays a whole list of lazyboy recliner parts. Make a purchase and wait for delivery. Also, special stores like IKEA and home depot provide an incredible resource for getting all the Lazyboy recliner parts you need.

Of course you can also checkout Lazyboy’s official website, go over their customer support section and make requests for replacement parts (like the Ratcheting Recline). When buying parts through this means, keep vital information like name, furniture id, furniture type, and special number handy.

Furthermore, there are chances you can get Lazyboy replacement parts from their official dealer where you bought the furniture. However, most retail dealers for Lazyboy recliners focus more on selling furniture than offering service or replacement parts.

Now you know about the ratcheting recline as part of what makes a recliner gives a clicking sound. This functionality allows you to relax your back comfortably fully. Make sure to look through this post to understand how it works, how to assemble and repair tricks whenever it develops a fault.

Lazyboy Protection Plan (Worth it? Reviews & Guide)

Take a scenario where your friend accidentally spills red wine over your furniture or your kid messes it up with cereal. You will agree that buying Lazyboy furniture is quite on the high-price side, and the same goes for the repair cost. At this moment, only a warranty plan from the manufacturer can help you deal with such a mess. But how does the protection plan work, and how will it protect you? Keep reading and get all the info you need.

What Is the Lazyboy Protection Plan?

The protection plan is also known as an extended furniture warranty. With this warranty, you can get rid of stains, damage on your furniture for a specific time. It is an extensive warranty plan that goes above the standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty by five years.

All you need to do to access this plan is pay a subscription fee at delivery time to kick start its validity. However, the lazy boy protection plan doesn’t cover all the damages. Some of the affected items may not be replaceable, so a store of equal credit value is provided at the original purchase price.

What Does the Plan Cover?

With the protection, you get coverage for the following:

• Accidental rips or cuts: the protection plan takes care of rips and cuts made by a sharp material. This is quite special to leather furniture.

• Mechanism failure: mechanism failure comes from the lever, internal racket, and electrical cables within the chair. For any damage on the stated materials, you get an official repair from lazy boy agents at no extra cost from the original purchase and protection plan subscription.

• Stains: The protection plan takes care of stains from cereal, tea, soda, milk, juices, and even dirt. Don’t try to remove the stains yourself. Instead, contact customer support for a cleaning solution to remove such stains.

• Joints and springs: The protection plan covers both fabric and leather furniture material for the joints and springs.

• Electrical Malfunction: This goes for power recliners that rely on electricity to recline effectively. Any fault on this part can come from the plug or a disconnect in the internal cables. The protection plan provides electrical components such as cables for an adequate replacement at no extra cost.

What Doesn’t the Plan Cover?

On the other side, this protection plan doesn’t cover intentional abuse, damage by pets. Other damage includes;

• Fabric or leather wrinkling
• Damage through vandalism or natural disaster
• Furniture damage in a logistic process.
• Foam resiliency.
• Damage from cleaning by anyone other than lazy boy agents.

How Much Does the Protection Plan Cost?

The cost of the plan depends on the price worth of furniture. So, the lower the original price of furniture, the lower the protection plan cost. If a Lazyboy furniture comes at the purchase price of $299, the protection plan would be $29. For a furniture unit worth $1500 to $2000, the protection plan comes at $199.

Is the Protection Plan Worth It?

Yes! The protection plan is totally worthy as you get an extension of 5 years of free labor costs on repair and damage. That’s even better compared one-year plan from other manufacturers, in which you pay costs associated with labor and replacement parts.

What Is The Lazy Boy iClean Warranty?

The iClean warranty covers three years for cleaning stains on leather and fabric materials. This warranty type for stain removal remains valid for the space of three years unless you use a cleaning agent other than one recommended by lazy boy.

Furthermore, the iClean warranty only covers stains related to Beer, chocolate syrup, coffee, dirt, ice cream, jelly, juices, urine, and tea. Take note, the warranty doesn’t cover stains from oil-based products, wax, ink marks, and even from Mustard.

Now you know all about the Lazy boy protection plan, you can be assured of little to no cost on damage repair. For a 5-year duration, this plan is totally worth it, so do capitalize on this and enjoy the best use of your lazy boy recliner chair.

Lazyboy Recliner Remote Control Replacement and Troubleshooting

Do you have a Lazyboy power recliner, but the remote doesn’t work? Then you wonder what may be happening. Well, the remote may not work for two reasons. It is either you haven’t synced it correctly, or a component is missing or damaged

So, if you are in such a dire situation, don’t worry, as this article will reveal tips on how to sync, troubleshoot or replace such remote. Let’s get started.

How to Sync and Program Remote Control

If you just got your Lazyboy recliner delivered, but the remote doesn’t work. Here’s what you do.

Disconnect the Power
• First off, look for a “Do not disturb” button by the side of the chair.
• Switch off the button if it’s in an ON position, so your remote can communicate to your chair. Pick your remote and remove the back cover to expose the batteries, then remove them.
• Check for the power supply cable, remove the batteries present in the adapter, and unplug the power supply.
• Once you take this step, wait for 10 seconds before you move to the next stage.

Check the power recliner for a “Find Me Button,” then activate
• After waiting 10 seconds, move on to check the recliner side for a Find Me Button”.
• This button comes with an hourglass symbol on it. Go ahead and press this button to activate.
• Pick up your remote and move on to the next step.

Reset Remote Button
• Look for good quality batteries and insert them into the remote.
• Look for a paperclip, bend it and insert it into a reset hole beneath the battery container.
• Push the paper clip into the reset hole, do this until you hear a click sound. The click sound signifies you have reset your remote.
• Wait for the following sequence of three beeps which shows you have a successful pair to your chair.
• Next up, ensure proper placement of batteries, get the remote cover, and place over the batteries for protection.

Test the chair
• Place the batteries inside your power adapter and plug them back in.
• Use the remote to see if it automatically reclines. If it doesn’t, look for any part you missed in steps 1 – 3 and try again.
• In another case, you should consider diagnostic tests and repair to see what went wrong.

Troubleshooting and Repair

When the recliner doesn’t work with the unit, it might occur due to a distortion in power cables. Here’s what you should do. Unplug the unit. turn over the power recliner unit, and then check all connected wiring parts.

Remove connected cable for a while and place back. Do this for all the parts connected in such a manner. Check the battery of the power adaptor to see if the battery is of good quality. Also, check batteries in the wireless remote to make sure it’s of good quality. Try to see if you can sync the remote to the recliner. If that process doesn’t work after a while, consider getting a new unit or take for repairs.

With regards to repair, there are three things you should check for and repair with your power recliner remote. This is basically for the wired remote type.

The first one is when the remote wire has a damaging cut. For this part, you need to get a new wire set for such a remote. Listen, you may need professional help, but it’s alright if you can do this the DIY way. When the wire of your power recliner appears with a cut, the first thing is to unscrew the remote and expose the internal component.

One prominent part is the board chip which takes the remote. Remove the wire from the motherboard, and cut part of the damaged wire out. Place the reminder on the board, get a soldering iron for complete attachment to the board, place it in the remote, cover the part and screw the remote. Meanwhile, if the wire is entirely damaged or burnt, you may consider buying a new unit from the market store.

Where to Buy Replacement & Parts

You buy any part of a Lazyboy recliner from any online commercial store. One such is Amazon, and you can get parts such as remote, power adapter, rackets, and other minor components. You can also lookup stores that sell furniture parts on your local directory to see one close by.

This concludes all information about the remote control of power recliners. They come in two types of wire or wireless (battery-powered). With wireless, there are little to no faults except to troubleshoot whenever it isn’t wired. It’s a different case with a wired remote control where you can replace or adjust the connecting wire.

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