Best Lazyboy Recliners for Sleeping

Do you know that quality sleep is essential to our lifestyle? A profound sleep improves your life quality and also essential in keeping the body refreshed and healthy. With the use of a recliner as home furniture, you can take your naps even in the Living room. But which recliner will help you rest well after a stressful day and also improve your sleep?

In this article, we will dive into the features of each of the Lazy Boy recliners and see how it they are fit for sleeping. Kindly ride along!

Reasons Why Lazyboy Are the Best for Sleeping
The Lazy Boy recliner is one of the best to take a nap. The real question you would ask is “Can I get the desired comfort on a recliner than my mattress? Let’s take an insight into this fact.

• Makes Breathing Easier
Sleeping in a reclining position releases the space in your Body Diaphragm thereby aiding you in breathing efficiently. Therefore if you are a patient with an asthmatic condition or any other lung disease the use of a Lazy Boy recliner will prove quite good.

• Calm your nerves
Walking from one place to another during the day can take a toll on your nerves and metabolic system. Reclining in an upright position on your Lazy Boy recliner gives you a break from stress and allows your body to heal. A Lazy Boy recliner with a rocking feature added puts you in a comfy condition.

• Reliefs back pain
Taking a nap on the Lazy Boy recliner can help improve your back pain. The recliner provides a cushioning effect and padding that serves as Lumbar support. Therefore, if you recently have a surgical operation taking frequent naps on Lazy Boy recliner will help recovery.

Best Lazyboy Recliners for Sleeping

1. Tripoli Reclina-Rocker Recliner
The Tripoli Reclina is built with well-padded streamlined fabric upholstery. It’s your best bet as a recliner that has the rocking feature as an added functionality. Provides a total body and lumbar support which puts you in a comfortable position when relaxing. Here are the recliner size dimensions:

Length (inches) Body Depth 38.5 / Body Height 42.0 / Body Width 34.5 / Seat Depth 21.5 / Seat Height 19.0 / Seat Width 18.0

2. Gibson Reclina-Rocker Recliner
The Gibson Recliner comes with a billowy backrest and extra padded seat that provide comfort and support to the body. The side armrests are forged with high-quality foams. It features PowerReclineXR option that offers you the power to adjust the back and legrest independently. The Recliner has the following size dimensions:

Length (inches) Body Depth 43.0 / Body Height 44.0 / Body Width 40.0 / Seat Depth 22.5 / Seat Height 20.0 / Seat Width 17.0

3. Casey Reclina-Way Recliner
This product comes with a supportive back and strong support with the ability to recline inches from a wall. It also includes rounded track arms that are lightly flared. You also have an option of customizing it to your body size. The recliner features a reclining mechanism which allows you to release the Legrest for a comfortable reclining position. Addition of a swivel function makes the recliner more wonderful. It comes out of the box with this size dimensions:

Length(inches) Body Depth 36.0 / Body Height 40.5 / Body Width 33.0 / Seat Depth 20.0 / Seat Height 19.0 / Seat Width 22.0

4. Briggs PowerReclineXR + Reclina-Rocker Recliner
Talk about style; the recliner has an inviting cushion which provides softness along with tapered soft legs for added comfort. The seat is made up of well-graded upholstery and high-density foam which is quite comfortable. Here are the size dimensions:

Length (inches) Body Depth 38.0 / Body Height 41.5 / Body Width 39.0 / Seat Depth 21.0 / Seat Height 19.0 / Seat Width 21.0

In choosing a recliner as household furniture, many factors such as the Size of the room, Personal taste, and body size has to be considered. Adding to the fact that the Lazy Boy recliners are good for sleeping, they are also portable and easy to move from one place to another. If you desire quality sleep or intermittent naps the best Lazy Boy recliner for sleeping can be a perfect choice.

How to Replace and Install Recliner Cable D-Ring

The cable D-ring is an important part of a recliner. Once it is broken or damaged, a recliner is no longer functional. Continuous use will subject it to wears and tears and overtime it gets broken or stripped. But do you know the interesting thing? They are easy and simple to fix once you figure out the problem. Follow the steps below and you won’t have to call a professional.

Steps To Install Recliner D-Ring Replacement Cable
To make the installation process easy, you need some supplies. You need a replacement cable and handle, screw driver and plier. You can buy a replacement cable online, contact your recliner supplier or manufacturer for a new cable d-ring and handle.

Step 1 – Flip the recliner upside down so that the headrest and armrest touch the ground.

Step 2 – Check the lever on the outside of the recliner, you will find screws there. Unscrew the screws using a screw driver. Remove the screw drivers and keep it where you can easily find them but don’t take the piece out yet. Allow it to hang.

Step 3 – Find and locate where the cable comes from the bottom of the recliner to the metal mechanism. Once you locate it, use your hand to release the locking mechanism on the recliner. There is a little hook that connects the cable to the chair, locate it and remember where it is for later.

Step 4 – with the cable loose, remove the clip that is attaching the lever and the plastic cable cover to the chair. Use a nose plier or flat head screw driver to pull the clip holding the cable so it can come out of where it is connected. The clip can break but don’t worry because you are going to replace it.

Step 5 – Remove the entire mechanism by pulling it out from the recliner from the lever side. Then, place the new mechanism in position. This should be done from the outside but ensure the cable is inside.

Step 6 – From the underside, pull out the new mechanism. In case you are finding it difficult to pull the mechanism, remove the covering that is hiding the cable. Just remove the staples, and you will find the mechanism easy to pull.

Step 7 – Once you have been able to pull the mechanism, insert the clip inside the space where you removed the old clip. You might need enough illumination to see it clearly. Push the clip into place by rocking it back and forth carefully. Keep doing that until it snaps into place perfectly.

Step 8 – Attach the hook on the cable to the reclining mechanism. For you to find the perfect spot, you might need to push the lever down. It is not difficult to find even though it likes to hide.

Step 9 – Do you remember the screws u unscrewed at step two? It is time to put them back. You can make use of a drill or screwdriver and screw the replacement handle back into its right position.

Step 10 – Return the recliner back to its normal position and try the cable out to see if its functions well. If it works well, that’s a job well done, but if it does not function properly, it means you have done something wrong during the installation. Re-trace the steps to ensure you have done the right thing. Make corrections where necessary.

Buy Recliner Cable D-Ring Replacement Below:

Quick tips that might help in the replacement and installation of recliner cable d-ring are:
– Purchase a recliner cable d-ring from the manufacturer if you can bu buying from online retailers like above should be fine too and will cost you less.
– Take proper note of where you remove any item during the installation process.
– You can get the replacement cable for free if your recliner is still under warranty.

Here’s a video that should help you with the replacement process:

It is better if you can manage to do the installation and replacement yourself. If you call a repair guy or professional, you would have to pay him. But if you do it yourself, you will be saving some bucks and even have more knowledge about a recliner. You can buy any Lazyboy recliner parts here or read more info on our recliner troubleshooting tips.

How to Replace a Recliner Tension Spring (DIY Repair)

Recliners feel like a safe haven and are built for comfort. A recliner is versatile that you unwind and relax, watch TV, play games, and even sleep off most of the time while sitting on it. Because of the intensive use, the spring will fail eventually. When it does, you don’t need to throw it away. You can replace it yourself. We will show you the easy steps to follow.

Steps To Replace a Recliner Tension Spring
Before we show you the steps, we want you to know that there are two spring types in a recliner. They both have a different method of replacement. They are the recoil spring and the zigzag spring. Before you make a replacement, you should be able to figure out which is faulty. The slight sag or reclining action will tell which one is problematic.

If you notice that the reclining action is much easier and does not give enough support the recoil spring is probably faulty. But if you feel a sudden uncomfortable sinking sensation, it is likely the zigzag spring needs a replacement. Without any further ado let’s move to the various steps involved.

Replacement of zigzag spring:

Step 1 – Turn the chair over and remove the covering. Locate the retaining bolts that hold the recliner spring in place and loosen them using an adjustable wrench. Be careful not to remove the bolts completely. Ensure they are all ready to come out before you remove the bolts.

Step 2 – Find the broken spring. This shouldn’t be a problem because recliner tension springs are large enough to be seen easily. Once you find it move to the next step.

Step 3 – Pull the top section of the broken tension spring gently until it comes off on its own. When it comes off, you can remove the bottom section from its clamp.

Step 4 – Purchase a replacement tension spring that is compatible with your recliner. The number of replacement spring you will buy depends on the number of the damaged spring. You can contact your recliner seller, the manufacturer or you can buy zigzag spring online.

Step 5 – After buying the spring, you can now proceed with replacing the broken or damaged ones. You can do this by attaching the upper part first and then re-clamp the bottom since the lower part is likely to be much clearer to see.

Step 6 – Re-attach the cover or upholstery and turn the recliner back into proper position. Test the recliner to see if the replaced spring works for you by sitting in it. Replace the damage or old spring in a proper way.

You can buy zigzag spring below:

Replacement of recoil tension spring:

Step 1 – Flip the recliner over, remove the covering and identify where the recoil tension spring is located and attached.

Step 2 – Check to confirm whether the spring is missing, damaged or old. While putting on your goggles, carefully remove the old or damaged recoil spring at each point using a plier. Remember, they are still under tension.

Step 3 – Purchase replacement recoil tension springs. Ensure you buy the compatible ones, and it is advisable you go for heavy duty ones. You can buy recoil tension spring online.

Step 4 – Before you install the spring, it is necessary that you stretch it. Pull it apart gently with two screwdrivers. Give it few minutes to rest in that position. Repeat the same step for the middle too.

Step 5 – Install the new recoil springs by fixing them to the right points. Be careful when you do this. To avoid any harmful situation, lock the adjustable pliers.

Step 6 – Ensure the springs are secure, put back the cover, flip the chair back to the right position, sit in it to test the new mechanism.

You can buy recoil tension spring below:

Also, here’s a video that should help you with the whole process:

With the above steps, how to replace a recliner tension spring should not be a problem again. Follow the steps carefully, pay attention to every detail, and you won’t have to throw away your recliner or call a professional. Remember, you can do it yourself and if you need more help with your recliner read our recliner troubleshooting guide.

How to Troubleshoot your Lazyboy Recliner

Lazyboy designs comfortable and soft recliners and makes sure to provide its clients with long-term quality products. However, after many years of use, some malfunction or problems may occur. You may find that a certain part of the recliner is not working as usual; this is not something you should worry about because Lazyboy is very easy to fix.

Step 1 – Examination
Check your recliner, especially its back, where the backrest fastens to the seat. Sit in your chair and see whether you feel any sort of disbalance; this can happen if you have moved your recliner from one place to another. See if there are any gaps in the side joints. Pull it straight up on the back and align the sides of the brackets of the recliner’s body with the back bracket. Push down the locking lever with your thumbs (you can also use a screwdriver if this seems too hard to do it manually).

Step 2 – Reclining
Tilt your recliner to the upright position if you are not able to recline it. The two wing nuts or the thumb wheel ea should be turned for 1/4-turn. Then try to recline the chair again. Make sure that its adjustments are tight; turn the wing nuts or thumb wheels clockwise if you need to adjust your chair for tall or heavier people. Loosen them for shorter or lighter users (counterclockwise turn off).

For reclining and adjustment issues, you can read our Lazyboy recliner adjustments guide for more information and details.

Step 3 – Check electrical supply
If you are having a Lazyboy recliner that has a heating, make sure to check the power lift. Check the plug for possible damage. The plug should be firmly inserted into the outlet. Check the breaker box to see whether there is power to the outlet; if there is no power, make sure you plug it into another outlet.

Step 4 – Up/Down switch
In case there is amperage overload, you should release the “Up” or “Down” switch. This way it will shut down the motor. The system should have a little time to rest. The cables that tie the secure base should be removed, especially during shipping, because they may be the reason for amperage overload protector’s malfunction.

Step 5 – Check wiring
If you have any problems with your chair (especially for recliners with included massagers) unplug it from the wall outlet. Check if the wiring and electrical components work well. Make sure to see if there are any loose connections (plug firmly all connections). All the wires should be untangled before the chair is plugged into the outlet.

For electric issue with your power Lazyboy recliner, you can read our How to Repair a Power Electric Recliners article for more information.

Troubleshooting your Lazyboy should be a really easy work unless of course there is some problem with the upholstery, frame, cushions etc. Anything else can be easily fixed in no time. All you have to do is check your recliner from all sides and make sure that all the wires and plugs are functioning well.

If you believe that you are not able to detect the problem or if you believe that the damage cannot be fixed at home, feel free to call your Lazyboy supplier for advice or for possible service. You can also of course DIY repair by buying Lazyboy recliner parts suitable to your issue and following many DIY repair guide.

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