Lazyboy Swivel Base Replacement, Repair & Installation

You will agree with me a lot of home gadgets come with additional features. It can function properly even without. The function of a Swivel base is no different as this tool helps to rotate the recliner. Perhaps, your type of recliner doesn’t have this feature, or it needs replacement/repairs. No worries, all you need is a guide to help install, replace and repair the Lazy Boy swivel base.

Guides to Install, Replace or Repair Swivel Base
The Lazy Boy Swivel base is a luxury tool, but based on the owner’s preference you can decide to add it to your recliner, repair or replace it when damaged. Note that the installation of your Swivel base depends on the recliner model.

1. Invert Your Recliner Upwards
To make your installation less stressful and also keep your work environment tidy, it is advisable that you make use of a sheet. Turn over the chair on the tarp to reveal the base mechanisms. You might want to ask for help.

2. Remove The Detachable Coverings
It is only when you expose the chair mechanism that you will be able to proceed with your installation, replacement or repair. This can be simply be done by removing the detachable coverings by using your hand, claw hammer or screwdriver for coverings that come with screws and nuts.

3. Remove The Swivel Base
This is only necessary if you want to replace your swivel base. Spin the base of the chair so that the holes on the swivel base align with holes on the base of the chair. Then, unscrew the swivel base to reveal the other mechanism.

4. Detach The Screws Of Your Rocking Base And Remove It
There is a need to detach the screws of your Recliner rocking base, but WATCH OUT! Take a concise note of the springs. Place an object to fill the space between the springs so that the holes line up. This will also prevent the base from sinking and eliminate stress and trust me; it saves time.

5. Detach The Mechanisms From Rocking Base
To install the swivel base, detach the reclining mechanism from the frame of the rocking base. Then you can take heed of the next step below.

6. Screw-In The Frame Of Swivel To Reclining Mechanism
This is the stage where you can attach your frame to the reclining mechanism by screwing it in. The reclining mechanism has about 3-4 holes for attachment. It is important that the frame is securely fitted to the reclining mechanism so you can make use of 3 holes.
Flip it over across the crossbars, and use a stick to hold it in place. Make sure the holes align at the sides. In case the holes are not well aligned, use a metallic object such as claw hammer to adjust it, so it doesn’t make things difficult. Make sure to screw in the sides as well to the crossbars.

7. Lock In Swivel Base
With all the above steps in place, you can now attach your swivel base. Place your swivel base across the pre-designed holes and carefully lock them in with special 360 rotating screws. Rotate and spin the swivel base to ensure it’s flexible.

Where to buy Swivel Base Parts?
Buying online is a great choice as it’s convenient and also the cheapest option. Depending on where you are located, shipping is usually free. Head over to our, Lazyboy recliner parts page for more info or check out the listings below:

Conclusively, we have drafted the guide above to give you homemade easy steps to install, replace and repair your Lazy Boy swivel base. we do hope you find this post helpful. If you need of any Lazyboy repair guide, our How to Repair your Lazyboy Recliner will be useful.

How to Fix Your Squeaky Lazyboy Recliner

You can get quite irritated when your Lazyboy recliner squeaks. This occurs when metal parts rub-off against each other (friction) or some nuts aren’t tightened. However, rather than call a professional for such a small issue. You can diagnose the problem by yourself. In this post, we will be giving out tips on how to fix your squeaky Lazyboy recliner. Just read through!

Guide to Fix Squeaky Lazyboy Recliner
This is a simple homemade remedy. All you need is a screwdriver, lubricant, two cotton cloth (moisturized and dried), claw hammer, Adjustable wrench, Tarp or sheet.

1. Place tarp beneath the recliner
What is the bottom line? Why do you need a tarp? Using a tarp or sheet makes your repair work easy, comes with little stress and provide a comfy environment. The next thing you do is sit on the chair and recline the chair to its max. Then turn over the chair on the tarp so you can access all its mechanism

2. Remove detachable covering
This can simply be done by hand. However, some coverings come with nuts and screws. Use a screwdriver or claw hammer to remove the detachable covering carefully as any damage to it will prevent you from reattaching it when you are done with repairs. Removing the detachable covering exposes the chair mechanisms.

3. Dust off the metal components
To fix the recliner effectively, it must be clean. Simply use a clean, moisture cotton cloth and clean all the dust and dirt off the metal components. This includes the spring, recliner mechanism, locking metal arm part and all other respective corners and edges of the other metal parts.

4. Check for loosed nuts and screws
Look out for any loose nuts or screws and ensure they are properly tightened. You can do this with the aid of an adjustable wrench by turning it in a clockwise direction. After this, look out for the next step.

5. Spray with a lubricant
Spray all metal components with lubricant, especially at the point of attachment of metal parts. Only apply to the areas with nuts, screws, hinges, bolts and all movable parts. Apply using a rag or cloth with caution by placing the rag behind metal. You sure don’t want to stain your recliner cushions.

6. Turn the Recliner upright and test run
Turn the recliner upright and close it up. Repeat this for a few times and listen to any sounds of squeaks. If you succeed in eliminating the squeaks, then you are done. In case the squeaks persist turn over and apply lubricants making sure the nuts are well tightened.

7. Attach the covering
Once the squeaks stop, be rest assured you got your recliner in a perfect position. The next thing you need to do is to reattach the coverings and bolt or screw them over.

Spraying excess lubricant may affect reclining mechanism. It may prove fatal and dangerous in that it can easily drop down when trying to adjust reclining position. Be sure to pat dry the areas you apply oil to.

Here’s a useful related video that you can watch as well:

A squeaky Lazyboy recliner does not give you the course to buy a new one. One important thing is to ensure that then vital metal components are oiled regularly Following the easy to fix home remedies above, you can be sure of a lasting solution to your squeaky recliner.

If you have any other issues with your recliner, be sure to read our How to Troubleshoot your Lazyboy Recliner guide.

Best Lazyboy Recliners for Back Pain

No doubt, back pain is one of the health problems that are common among people of all ages, and it can impact more than your physical health. There is lots of treatment to alleviate the pain in the back and relive your spine. Using a recliner can be helpful when it comes to back pain treatment.

After intensive and extensive research, we have put together the best Lazy Boy recliners for back pain. So throw away those painkillers and let’s get started.

Reasons Why LazyBoy Recliners Are the Best for Back Pain Relief
We get back aches most of the time, but it can be relived just by simply relaxing on your recliner. Here I will illustrate reasons why a recliner is suitable for your back pain issues.

Quality massages
Health research has shown that getting massages occasionally is an effective step in reducing stress and muscle tension. This set of Lazy Boy recliners offers massages to your back hereby relieving you from any back pressure while serving as a relief for your body.

Stuffed cushions
This is the interesting part, the cushions of the recliner are well stuffed with foams. Some of the recliners use air foams which are quite resilient and capable of giving your body a cozy feeling. With your body rested on the cushion you can be sure of your body being relieved from pressure.

Power Recline feature
The presence of a power recline allows you to easily adjust your back and Legrest uniformly or independently. Which means you have an option of aligning your body in a perfect position for relaxation.

Best Lazyboy Recliners for Back Pain

1. Forum PowerReclineXR + Reclina-Rocker Recliner
This recliner efficiently combines rocking with reclining. The product ranges in different colors and patterns which gives it an attractive look. It comes with adjustable lumbar support and power-tilt headrest which allows you to lower your feet and back unassisted. Additionally, the recliner features wings and arms with single-needle topstitching. Resilient cushioning made of high-quality polyurethane foam is included to provide support and comfort. It size dimensions are:

Length(inches) Body Depth 40.5 / Body Height 43.0 / Body Width 31.0 / Seat Depth 20.0 / Seat Height 19.5 / Seat Width 21.5

2. Joshua PowerReclineXR + Reclina-Rocker Recliner
The product features a chaise seat that is carefully stitched to perfection and offers relieve to your spine. It comes with tiered cushion back and pillow arms that offer excellent comfort with a smooth rocking motion. With the cushion made of air foam, your body will be welcomed with comfort while your back will be relieved of its pain. In addition, it comes with a power lumbar support and power-tilt headrest that maintain your back and head in a perfect and comfortable position. The PowerReclineXR+ included let you adjust your back and legrest independently. Here are its size dimensions:

Length(inches) Body Depth 45.0 / Body Height 41.5 / Body Width 39.0 / Seat Depth 23.0 / Seat Height 20.5 / Seat Width 23.0

3. Pinnacle PowerReclineXR + Reclina-Rocker Recliner
This recliner features a high back and plush pillow that offers extra comfort both to your body and back. It also features channel-stitched details that make it attractive. The product comes with a hand-held remote that helps to control its power features with ease. Also, you can maintain a perfect angle with the power-tilt headrest and power lumbar support included. The dimensions are:

Length(inches) Body Depth 39.0 / Body Height 42.0 / Body Width 33.0 / Seat depth 20.5 / Seat height 18.5 / Seat Width 19.5

4. Jay PowerReclineXR + Reclina-Rocker Recliner
The Recliner has locking brackets from which you can safely attach and detach the back from the recliner seat. This power recliner offers customizable movement from which you can adjust headrest to a TV’s line of vision. The cushion has no gaps between the seat and the backrest, so no option for kid’s toys stuck in. Here are the size dimensions:

Length(inches) Body Depth 40.0 / Body Height 42.5 / Body Width 39.0 / Seat Depth 20.0 / Seat Height 21.0 / Seat Width 21.0

With the best Lazy Boy recliners for back pain discussed above, we believe you won’t have a problem picking the perfect recliner to tackle your back pain. Do you have a recliner? Has it helped relieve you of back pain? We will like to hear from you. Make use of the comment box.

How to Fix Cracked Leather Lazyboy Recliner (Repair Guide)

Do you own a leather Lazyboy Recliner? That’s quite good but here is the trouble, the leather deteriorates and becomes dry. A dry leather is an invitation to cracks which won’t appear pleasing.

Now here is the deal, in this article we will be giving some tips on how to fix those cracks. Just take a drive with me.

Guide To Fix Your Cracked Leather Lazyboy Recliner

1. Clean/Brush up your Leather
This is highly important, in fixing your furniture. Brush up every part of the leather material (surface and even the corners). Note, brush the cracked surface gently to prevent leather from further peeling. Brushing up the leather takes care of dirt and dust that have accumulated over time.

2. Clean with Soap or a mild solution
Get a foam or soft cloth. Then you dampen with a soapy solution rather than apply the soap directly to chair. Neatly clean the recliner gently with the damp cloth/foam. After this, get another clean and dry rag to wipe off the soap.

3. Clean with an alcoholic solution
This is an important step. All you need is denatured alcohol (50%, 70%) and a clean, soft rag. Now, you dip the rag into the solution then wipe the leather parts. The application of alcohol is just for its antiseptic effect.

4. Apply a filler
In most leather repair kits you find a leather filler compound. With the use of a Teaspoon, Open the filler and take a spoonful of the compound. Apply deep to the affected cracked leather parts. After the application of filler, leave for at least 12-15 minutes.

5. Spread the filler over the surfaces
Use sandpaper to spread the filler down to all affected areas. It is precautionary to slowly rub the sandpaper gently but firmly to ensure proper leveling with the recliner.

6. Apply Repair Solution
Apply the repair solution with the aid of a sponge that comes with your repair kit. The repair solution is in the form of an adhesive that binds molecules of the leather together firmly. Wipe the solution over the entire leather until the color of the leather blends uniformly.

7. Re-inspect the Leather
In a bid to cover for some loopholes while repairing, there is dire need to re-inspect every corners and edge of the material to ensure:
– No loopholes
– A blend in color, luster, and appearance
– The leather material is flexible and not to dry

Once you notice a deficiency in any of the conditions above. Repeat Step Four and Five until your leather lazy boy recliner stays perfect.

Note that every leather materials wear out as it ages. One thing to keep in mind is that the exposure of your Lazyboy recliner to sunlight dries out the material and induces cracks. But worry less, you don’t have to get rid of it. The tips above are just enough to make your cracked leather Lazyboy recliner as good as new. Read our Lazyboy Recliners Fabric and Leather Care article as well for more tips.

Bonus! Here’s a great video for leather care and repair!

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