Why are Lazyboy Recliners so Ugly? (How to Make Them Nicer)

Lazyboy recliners, a staple in many homes for their undeniable comfort, often come under scrutiny for their aesthetic appeal, or lack thereof. While they promise relaxation and ease, their design has frequently been a topic of debate in the world of interior design. But what exactly makes them so visually unappealing to many, and more […]

Amazing Collections of Lazyboy Room Decor Inspiration

Are you seeking that perfect Lazyboy room decor, but you still can’t really make up your mind? Lazyboy offers a wide range of super comfortable, easy to use and fancy designed recliners and sofas but here you can also find great Lazyboy design and decor ideas for your home. Below are amazing collections of Lazyboy […]

Bad Back, Back Problem? Are Recliners a Good Choice?

Back problems have been among the leading causes for doctor visits, since walking on two legs puts a large amount of stress on the spine. There are also sports injuries, sitting for hours while working, extra weight and, of course, stress as one of the many factors that cause back problems. All these problems put […]

Are Reclining Chairs Bad for your Back?

Reclining chairs – everyone has them and everyone loves them. Recliners are a staple piece of furniture in any Western home, and for a good reason – they are stylish and comfortable. But, are reclining chairs bad for your back? Lately, there has been a lot of controversy concerning this question, with many people reporting […]

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