How to Find Lazyboy Parts and Repair Shop Near You

Lazyboy Recliners comes with vast features that showcase its durability. However, as the case with most furniture, they are not spared from wear and tear. Such damages occur mainly due to inherent abuse. The best option is to get the best parts and look for a reliable repair shop to help fix damaged recliner parts.

How to Find Lazyboy Parts Near You

1. Online sites: Doing a simple online search for nearby stores that sell spare parts relieves you a lot of stress. The internet comes with a vast resource for getting spare parts. These spare parts are spread across many shops with a digital address, and they could be in a location near you. Therefore if you want to avoid Amazon delivery costs. You could do a simple search online or ask on an online forum like Reddit. We also have a list of Lazyboy parts you can buy online.

2. Your repairmen: As obscene as that might look, your repairman is one of your best consults in getting a Lazyboy spare part. Such a repairman could have a collection of spare parts they use in repairing many a recliner. If such a recliner part is out of stock, they could provide detailed information on the nearest location you can get them.

3. Dealer: This is the actual place where you bought your recliner. Most shops or outlets that deal with the sale of recliners usually include a host of its spare parts for those needing repairs. This is often the best place to get any parts specific to the type of recliner you use. These parts could range from mechanical parts like D-ring replacement, Rocker spring, release-handle, and so on.

How to Find a Lazyboy Repair Shop Near You

1. Place of Purchase: The dealer or the site where you purchase the lazy boy recliner from may provide repair works for any unit that is damaged and for which the 1-year warranty covers. In a case where you need repairs, all you to do is contact them, and they will provide a repair service close to your current location.

2. Internet: There are often forums online where you could make inquiries about a nearby repair shop for your defected lazyboy recliner. With the use of the internet, you can search through a catalog of repairmen that have a digital presence online. You could also make your inquiries the customer service on the lazyboy website. From there, you can get the address of a nearby lazyboy repairman close to your place of residence.

3. Authorized Dealer near you: In finding a repair shop for your lazyboy recliner, you could consult a nearby lazyboy recliner dealer. In some way, such a dealer will be able to help with repairs or even direct you to a nearby repair shop to help fix any defect on your recliner.

Buying Guide for Lazyboy Parts

Brand Value
This is one of the most important factors you have to consider when buying a lazyboy recliner. For every spare part, check to see the product information, and know the spare part brand integrity. Getting a well-trusted recliner spare part is often the best option as it comes with the needed reassurance.

Quality & Durability
Check for the quality of whatever spare part you want to purchase. Any spare part with good quality makes the whole process of repair or replacement worthwhile. Avoid buying spare parts that look a bit distorted from the normal ones.

Customer Reviews
You need to check out reviews from customers who had once tried the recliners spare part bought from a particular store. Customer reviews in the form of ratings and comments influence how good the product is. However, you avoid spare parts at any point of purchase that comes with a lot of negative feedback from customers.

Many of these spare parts come with product warranties, while you find some with a 1-year warranty or even a two-year warranty. Always look out for the product warranty when purchasing that also determines how reliable the spare part will be.

This article removes the painstaking process of getting lazyboy spare parts and getting a repairman to fix issues with your favorite recliner. This article offers a guide on how to locate a repair shop near you and things to consider when buying a lazyboy spare parts relative to location.

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  1. art gz - 08/4/2020 at 7:06 am

    help can’t find recliner cablefor lazyboy 24″ o end art

  2. Allen - 09/13/2020 at 7:41 pm

    I am looking for a set of springs for my recliner it’s lazy boy. The one on my recliner had nails on it and I can’t find them anywheres can u help.

  3. Melanie - 10/24/2020 at 6:43 pm

    I am looking for a replacement hand control wand HSC-LAZ-P10LCHM.

  4. Mike Warner - 01/21/2021 at 2:07 pm

    I’m looking for a REPLACEMENT motor for realiner MOTOR DELTADRIVE #74844

  5. Ron - 11/10/2021 at 8:21 am

    My headrest won’t move but I can hear the motor running when I try to adjust it. Please tell me the best method for me to get the headrest back on track.

  6. Ruby Tennison - 11/10/2022 at 8:20 am

    need a power reclinder power supply ac/dc switching power supply transformation with ac power wall cord 29v/24v 2A adapter compatible for lift chair reclinder . I don’t have any information on the chair the only information is on the hand held remote it has this on it LAZ-P10LCHM. S/n 3720517140128782. Lbz: 10,000088 liberty system that on the hand remote i need power supply

  7. Donald Court - 05/15/2024 at 8:28 pm

    We have a Grayson electric motion sofa that is in need of new back cushioning that is flat. What can we order to add to replace foam stuffing and how can you do it. I don’t see how we can get to the inside of the back to do it ?

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