Best Lazyboy Recliners for Knee Replacement Surgery

Choosing the right recliner after knee replacement surgery is crucial for comfort and recovery. We delve into why some recliners are better than others and review the top picks for post-surgery relaxation and healing.

Is a Recliner Good After Knee Replacement?

Post knee replacement, a recliner can be a great choice for comfort and ease. It provides support to the knee, reduces swelling, and can be adjusted for optimal positioning, aiding in quicker recovery.

Why No Recliner after Knee Replacement?

In some cases, recliners may not be recommended post-surgery due to their design which may not provide the necessary support, potentially hindering the healing process.

Best Recliner for Knee Replacement or Surgery Review

1. Astor Platinum Power Lift Recliner w/ Massage & Heat
The Astor Platinum is a top-tier choice for post-knee surgery recovery. It’s not just a recliner; it’s a recovery aid, featuring power lift for easy sitting and standing, massage to soothe sore muscles, and heat therapy for added comfort. Its plush cushioning supports the knee gently yet firmly, ensuring proper posture and alleviating pressure on the joint.

2. Pinnacle Platinum Power Lift Recliner
Ideal for anyone recovering from knee replacement, the Pinnacle combines functionality with comfort. The power lift mechanism is a boon for those with limited mobility, assisting in effortless standing and sitting. The soft, supportive padding provides the knee with the necessary support, reducing strain. Its user-friendly controls allow for easy adjustment, making it simpler to find the most comfortable position for recovery.

3. Brentwood High Leg Reclining Chair
The Brentwood offers a perfect blend of style and therapeutic support. It features a high leg design, which is particularly beneficial for post-operative knee positioning. The chair’s smooth reclining action allows for gentle transitioning from sitting to lying down, reducing any jarring movements that could impact the knee. Additionally, its elegant design ensures that it doesn’t compromise on aesthetics while offering medical benefits.

Best Knee Support for Recliners Review

1. ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow

The ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow is specially designed to offer optimal support for those recovering from knee surgery. Made from high-density memory foam, it contours perfectly to the shape of your knees, providing crucial alignment and support. This alignment helps in reducing pressure on the surgical site, improves circulation, and prevents any additional strain. Its ergonomic design is beneficial for maintaining the correct posture while seated or sleeping.

2. LightEase Memory Foam Leg, Knee, Ankle Support and Elevation Pillow

LightEase’s pillow is designed for those who need elevation along with support. It’s not only helpful for knee recovery but also beneficial for the entire leg. The memory foam construction ensures that it holds its shape over time, providing consistent support. The elevation aspect is key for reducing swelling and improving blood flow to the knee area, which is crucial for speeding up the healing process.

3. Post Surgery Elevating Leg Rest Pillow

This pillow offers an effective solution for elevating the leg, which is essential after knee surgery. It helps in minimizing swelling and pain by improving circulation in the leg. The design of the pillow ensures that the leg remains in a comfortable and elevated position, which can be particularly beneficial during prolonged periods of sitting or while sleeping. The non-slip cover ensures stability, making it a reliable and safe option.

4. Wesiti Knee Pillow for Back Pain

Though primarily marketed for back pain, the Wesiti Knee Pillow is also excellent for post-knee surgery recovery. It fits snugly between the knees when seated or lying down, providing the necessary support to keep the legs and knees in the correct alignment. This proper alignment is crucial for reducing pressure on the surgical area and facilitating a more comfortable recovery. Its compact size makes it ideal for use in a recliner.

Setting Up Your Recliner After Knee Replacement Surgery

When setting up your recovery space at home post-knee replacement surgery, having a well-equipped recliner area is essential for comfort and effective recovery. Here are some tips to optimize your recliner setup:

• Preparation: Ensure your recliner area is equipped with essentials like water, medication, and a bucket nearby in case of nausea. Comfort is key, so arrange everything within easy reach.

• Recliner Height: If your recliner is low, consider elevating it using blocks. This is especially helpful for making sitting down and standing up easier when mobility is limited after surgery.

• Sitting Carefully: Gently lower yourself into the recliner, keeping your operated leg forward to avoid stress. Be aware of the mechanics of your recliner, particularly if it has a fast-moving leg rest or requires effort to lock back into place.

• Leg Support and Elevation: To properly support your operated leg, place a folded pillow at the ankle to elevate the heel, ensuring the entire leg is supported from the thigh down. This aids in maintaining a straight leg while avoiding pressure directly under the knee. Adjust the pillows for maximum comfort.

• Reducing Swelling: While ideal elevation might be challenging in some recliners, strive for a position close to zero gravity or flat. The goal is to have your hip at a 45-degree angle to assist gravity in reducing swelling.

• Rest and Recovery: Spend about an hour to 90 minutes in this position, focusing on rest and recovery. Use breathing exercises and an inspirometer, if provided, to maintain lung health.

• Exiting the Recliner: To get out of the recliner, first remove the pillows and use your non-surgical leg to lower the leg rest. Then, lean forward to ease into a comfortable position for standing up, ensuring the recliner is locked.

• Post-Surgery Focus: The first week is crucial for recovery from the intensive procedure. Regular movement, like short walks to the bathroom, is important. The focus is on resting, allowing your body to heal, and building confidence in your operated leg, while monitoring for any signs of infection or complications.

Remember, understanding how your recliner functions and how to best use it for recovery can significantly enhance your post-surgery rehabilitation process.

Lazyboy Recliners for Knee Replacement Surgery FAQ

Should you sleep in a recliner after knee surgery?
Sleeping in a recliner can be beneficial post-knee surgery, as it allows for adjustable positioning and reduces swelling.

What is the best sitting position after knee replacement?
The best sitting position is one that keeps the knee in a slightly elevated and comfortable angle, reducing stress on the joint.

Recliner or chair after knee replacement?
A recliner is often recommended over a regular chair post-knee replacement due to its adjustable features and better support.

Selecting the right Lazyboy recliner and knee support plays a pivotal role in recovery after knee replacement surgery. The combination of comfortable reclining options and proper knee support can significantly enhance the healing process, providing relief and aiding in quicker rehabilitation.

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