Lazyboy Recliner 3-Position Locks (Parts & Repair, How it Works)

If you own a Lazyboy recliner, there’s a high chance it comes with 3-positional locks. Each locking position allows you to maximize resting comfort in any of your best position. And I am going to show you how it works and the best way to maximize it. Let’s dive in.

How Lazyboy Recliner 3-Position Lock Works

The recliner chair comes with a lever by the side. You can adjust the footrest for each locking position when you push this lever. The first locking position opens by 1/3, then the second lock position opens by ½, and for the last part, the lazy boy recliner opens by 2/3.

The first locking position gives you the best television view. The second locking position allows for comfortable relaxation. Inclining the footrest to the third footrest position provides the utmost resting position and is a good relief for back pain.

However, once you open up the footrest at the first locking position, you can’t close immediately by default. You have to move the lever to the last locking position and switch the back clockwise to lock up the footrest.

3-Position Lock Replacement & Repairs

Usually, moving the lever to achieve the best resting position on the recliner should come effortlessly. However, if it becomes difficult to close and gets stuck, there’s a need to check the underside for suitable footrest repairs.

The component responsible for locking the footrest is known as the 3-position lock. Whenever this 3-position lock has a scrape or cuts, it almost becomes difficult to adjust or return to normal position. Hence, there’s a need for change.

To make proper repairs, follow these steps:
• Turnover the recliner and expose the underside. Check whether the components are well-aligned and ensure there’s no displacement.

• With the aid of the recliner’s lever, open the footrest to maximum height.

• Look at both sides of the recliner to take out the 3-position lock. Here you locate clips and remove them on either side. Remember, one clip at a time.

• How you remove the 3-lock position component is different for each side. For one part, you only need to tag out the 3-position lock, which doesn’t have an attaching element.

• Then look at it to check for any deformations or wears and try to file it away.

• For the other side, there’s a spring held on a rotating square bar (attached to the lever or handle by the chair side). It is this spring that aids the movement of the lever for locking. Here, you remove spring from the square bar and a tad off the 3-position lock.

• Look for the correct 3-position clip and push the center clip in a square hole until you hear a click sound.

• Place the 3-position lock along with the click back to each side. Ensure you place the spring on the square tab.

• Carefully close the footrest with the lever and turn furniture to a normal position.

• Once you are done with repairs, test the footrest to ensure all 3-positions are placed securely.

Where to Buy Parts

Getting parts of a Lazyboy (especially the 3-position lock) is relatively easy. All you need is a quick search for the nearest furniture stores near you. You can also look out for parts on official Lazyboy websites. On the good side, you can buy some parts on big e-commerce stores like Amazon, BestBuy, and numerous companies.

Besides, if you need a quick fix, you can hop over to e-Bay to get some used parts. That allows you to buy these items at a lower price than getting a new one.

This sums up all you need to know about the three-locking position for the lazyboy recliner. So, you know what’s responsible for locking the footrest as you move the recliner handle one pace at a time.

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  1. John - 07/29/2022 at 7:12 pm

    My La-Z-Boy chair does not lock in the closed position please let me know possible fixes

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