Lazyboy Protection Plan (Worth it? Reviews & Guide)

Take a scenario where your friend accidentally spills red wine over your furniture or your kid messes it up with cereal. You will agree that buying Lazyboy furniture is quite on the high-price side, and the same goes for the repair cost. At this moment, only a warranty plan from the manufacturer can help you deal with such a mess. But how does the protection plan work, and how will it protect you? Keep reading and get all the info you need.

What Is the Lazyboy Protection Plan?

The protection plan is also known as an extended furniture warranty. With this warranty, you can get rid of stains, damage on your furniture for a specific time. It is an extensive warranty plan that goes above the standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty by five years.

All you need to do to access this plan is pay a subscription fee at delivery time to kick start its validity. However, the lazy boy protection plan doesn’t cover all the damages. Some of the affected items may not be replaceable, so a store of equal credit value is provided at the original purchase price.

What Does the Plan Cover?

With the protection, you get coverage for the following:

• Accidental rips or cuts: the protection plan takes care of rips and cuts made by a sharp material. This is quite special to leather furniture.

• Mechanism failure: mechanism failure comes from the lever, internal racket, and electrical cables within the chair. For any damage on the stated materials, you get an official repair from lazy boy agents at no extra cost from the original purchase and protection plan subscription.

• Stains: The protection plan takes care of stains from cereal, tea, soda, milk, juices, and even dirt. Don’t try to remove the stains yourself. Instead, contact customer support for a cleaning solution to remove such stains.

• Joints and springs: The protection plan covers both fabric and leather furniture material for the joints and springs.

• Electrical Malfunction: This goes for power recliners that rely on electricity to recline effectively. Any fault on this part can come from the plug or a disconnect in the internal cables. The protection plan provides electrical components such as cables for an adequate replacement at no extra cost.

What Doesn’t the Plan Cover?

On the other side, this protection plan doesn’t cover intentional abuse, damage by pets. Other damage includes;

• Fabric or leather wrinkling
• Damage through vandalism or natural disaster
• Furniture damage in a logistic process.
• Foam resiliency.
• Damage from cleaning by anyone other than lazy boy agents.

How Much Does the Protection Plan Cost?

The cost of the plan depends on the price worth of furniture. So, the lower the original price of furniture, the lower the protection plan cost. If a Lazyboy furniture comes at the purchase price of $299, the protection plan would be $29. For a furniture unit worth $1500 to $2000, the protection plan comes at $199.

Is the Protection Plan Worth It?

Yes! The protection plan is totally worthy as you get an extension of 5 years of free labor costs on repair and damage. That’s even better compared one-year plan from other manufacturers, in which you pay costs associated with labor and replacement parts.

What Is The Lazy Boy iClean Warranty?

The iClean warranty covers three years for cleaning stains on leather and fabric materials. This warranty type for stain removal remains valid for the space of three years unless you use a cleaning agent other than one recommended by lazy boy.

Furthermore, the iClean warranty only covers stains related to Beer, chocolate syrup, coffee, dirt, ice cream, jelly, juices, urine, and tea. Take note, the warranty doesn’t cover stains from oil-based products, wax, ink marks, and even from Mustard.

Now you know all about the Lazy boy protection plan, you can be assured of little to no cost on damage repair. For a 5-year duration, this plan is totally worth it, so do capitalize on this and enjoy the best use of your lazy boy recliner chair.

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