Lazyboy Recliners Fabric and Leather Care

Lazy Boy recliners are products of the highest quality, but even the most durable of the materials will eventually fail the test of repeated use, especially if it’s not being treated with care. That’s why, if you want your Lazy Boy recliner to remain intact, you’ll have to clean the fabric that covers it regularly. If you already own a Lazy Boy recliner, you might find it useful to read about the best way of taking care of such products.

1. How to clean upholstery
In general, frequent vacuuming and brushing should prevent the soiling of the fabric. When the furniture gets stained, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind in order to clean it properly.

Code W means that it’s safe to clean the recliner with water. Use only water-based shampoos and foam cleaners specially designed for upholstery. To prevent circling, clean the stain by rubbing it from the outside.

Code S means that you’ll have to clean your furniture with dry cleaning solvents, and avoid using water during the process.

Code S/W means that you can use a combination of water and dry cleaning solvents.

Code X refers to the items that can be cleaned only by vacuuming. Liquid cleaners and foams will only damage this type of fabric.

For water-based stains, like wine, soft drinks, mustard and ketchup stains, it would be best to use a combination of neutral soap and water. Remove the stain by gently rubbing it with the prepared cleaning liquid from the outside, and rinse it thoroughly with water after you’ve finished. You can also blot the cleaned area with a towel, and vacuum it to restore the usual look and feel of the fabric.

Oil-based stains include ink, cosmetics and shoe polish stains. Although most of them can be treated in the same way as the water-based stains, heavier ones may require a solvent compound. In that case, practically any upholstery cleaner can be used so long as it doesn’t contain bleach.

2. How to clean leather
Leather is generally much easier to handle than the other upholstery materials. However, there are various types of leather materials, each of which requires a different treatment. That’s why it would be best to adjust the way you clean your recliner to the type of leather that’s been used to cover it.

In general, as with fabric, vacuuming and brushing the recliner should help keep it clean. To prevent the leather from fading, make sure that you’ve put it someplace far from the direct sunlight. If you don’t want it to dry and start cracking, keep it away from radiators and other heat generators. When the recliner gets stained, blot the stain instead of rubbing it, and never use chemicals, saddle soaps, or anything else that could in any way damage the finish. It’s also recommended to avoid leaving newspaper lying on leather furniture, since the ink can rub onto it and leave a stain that would be hard to remove.

Consider a slipcover for your Lazy Boy recliner
Read our Lazyboy slipcovers article to find out more information on how to protect your chair and reduced clean up by using a slipcover!

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  1. Judy Frerichs - 09/3/2016 at 6:42 am

    it does not tell how to clean leather says what not to do but what do I clean it with

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