How to Fix Cracked Leather Lazyboy Recliner (Repair Guide)

Do you own a leather Lazyboy Recliner? That’s quite good but here is the trouble, the leather deteriorates and becomes dry. A dry leather is an invitation to cracks which won’t appear pleasing.

Now here is the deal, in this article we will be giving some tips on how to fix those cracks. Just take a drive with me.

Guide To Fix Your Cracked Leather Lazyboy Recliner

1. Clean/Brush up your Leather
This is highly important, in fixing your furniture. Brush up every part of the leather material (surface and even the corners). Note, brush the cracked surface gently to prevent leather from further peeling. Brushing up the leather takes care of dirt and dust that have accumulated over time.

2. Clean with Soap or a mild solution
Get a foam or soft cloth. Then you dampen with a soapy solution rather than apply the soap directly to chair. Neatly clean the recliner gently with the damp cloth/foam. After this, get another clean and dry rag to wipe off the soap.

3. Clean with an alcoholic solution
This is an important step. All you need is denatured alcohol (50%, 70%) and a clean, soft rag. Now, you dip the rag into the solution then wipe the leather parts. The application of alcohol is just for its antiseptic effect.

4. Apply a filler
In most leather repair kits you find a leather filler compound. With the use of a Teaspoon, Open the filler and take a spoonful of the compound. Apply deep to the affected cracked leather parts. After the application of filler, leave for at least 12-15 minutes.

5. Spread the filler over the surfaces
Use sandpaper to spread the filler down to all affected areas. It is precautionary to slowly rub the sandpaper gently but firmly to ensure proper leveling with the recliner.

6. Apply Repair Solution
Apply the repair solution with the aid of a sponge that comes with your repair kit. The repair solution is in the form of an adhesive that binds molecules of the leather together firmly. Wipe the solution over the entire leather until the color of the leather blends uniformly.

7. Re-inspect the Leather
In a bid to cover for some loopholes while repairing, there is dire need to re-inspect every corners and edge of the material to ensure:
– No loopholes
– A blend in color, luster, and appearance
– The leather material is flexible and not to dry

Once you notice a deficiency in any of the conditions above. Repeat Step Four and Five until your leather lazy boy recliner stays perfect.

Note that every leather materials wear out as it ages. One thing to keep in mind is that the exposure of your Lazyboy recliner to sunlight dries out the material and induces cracks. But worry less, you don’t have to get rid of it. The tips above are just enough to make your cracked leather Lazyboy recliner as good as new. Read our Lazyboy Recliners Fabric and Leather Care article as well for more tips.

Bonus! Here’s a great video for leather care and repair!

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  1. Dana - 06/6/2019 at 10:38 am

    Would this work on leather that is peeling? We have a recliner that has flaked away black leather— or it may not be real leather even. Do you think this method and products would work?

  2. Patricia Sloan - 06/26/2019 at 8:13 pm

    Where can I purchase the repair kit the man used in his video?

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