How to Replace a Recliner Tension Spring (DIY Repair)

Recliners feel like a safe haven and are built for comfort. A recliner is versatile that you unwind and relax, watch TV, play games, and even sleep off most of the time while sitting on it. Because of the intensive use, the spring will fail eventually. When it does, you don’t need to throw it away. You can replace it yourself. We will show you the easy steps to follow.

Steps To Replace a Recliner Tension Spring
Before we show you the steps, we want you to know that there are two spring types in a recliner. They both have a different method of replacement. They are the recoil spring and the zigzag spring. Before you make a replacement, you should be able to figure out which is faulty. The slight sag or reclining action will tell which one is problematic.

If you notice that the reclining action is much easier and does not give enough support the recoil spring is probably faulty. But if you feel a sudden uncomfortable sinking sensation, it is likely the zigzag spring needs a replacement. Without any further ado let’s move to the various steps involved.

Replacement of zigzag spring:

Step 1 – Turn the chair over and remove the covering. Locate the retaining bolts that hold the recliner spring in place and loosen them using an adjustable wrench. Be careful not to remove the bolts completely. Ensure they are all ready to come out before you remove the bolts.

Step 2 – Find the broken spring. This shouldn’t be a problem because recliner tension springs are large enough to be seen easily. Once you find it move to the next step.

Step 3 – Pull the top section of the broken tension spring gently until it comes off on its own. When it comes off, you can remove the bottom section from its clamp.

Step 4 – Purchase a replacement tension spring that is compatible with your recliner. The number of replacement spring you will buy depends on the number of the damaged spring. You can contact your recliner seller, the manufacturer or you can buy zigzag spring online.

Step 5 – After buying the spring, you can now proceed with replacing the broken or damaged ones. You can do this by attaching the upper part first and then re-clamp the bottom since the lower part is likely to be much clearer to see.

Step 6 – Re-attach the cover or upholstery and turn the recliner back into proper position. Test the recliner to see if the replaced spring works for you by sitting in it. Replace the damage or old spring in a proper way.

You can buy zigzag spring below:

Replacement of recoil tension spring:

Step 1 – Flip the recliner over, remove the covering and identify where the recoil tension spring is located and attached.

Step 2 – Check to confirm whether the spring is missing, damaged or old. While putting on your goggles, carefully remove the old or damaged recoil spring at each point using a plier. Remember, they are still under tension.

Step 3 – Purchase replacement recoil tension springs. Ensure you buy the compatible ones, and it is advisable you go for heavy duty ones. You can buy recoil tension spring online.

Step 4 – Before you install the spring, it is necessary that you stretch it. Pull it apart gently with two screwdrivers. Give it few minutes to rest in that position. Repeat the same step for the middle too.

Step 5 – Install the new recoil springs by fixing them to the right points. Be careful when you do this. To avoid any harmful situation, lock the adjustable pliers.

Step 6 – Ensure the springs are secure, put back the cover, flip the chair back to the right position, sit in it to test the new mechanism.

You can buy recoil tension spring below:

Also, here’s a video that should help you with the whole process:

With the above steps, how to replace a recliner tension spring should not be a problem again. Follow the steps carefully, pay attention to every detail, and you won’t have to throw away your recliner or call a professional. Remember, you can do it yourself and if you need more help with your recliner read our recliner troubleshooting guide.

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  1. Terry Baker - 06/11/2019 at 12:55 pm

    I need a diagram. I have a broken bolt that retains a spring. Can’t figure how it attaches.

  2. Robert hedge - 10/31/2019 at 12:17 pm

    I have a Lazy Boy recliner with both tension springs broken. The ones that were broken would measure approx. 3&5/8 inches long. I have purchased new ones from you, but don’t know either attachment points. Could you send me a diagram as to where the attachment points are?

    Thank you

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