How to Troubleshoot your Lazyboy Recliner

Lazyboy designs comfortable and soft recliners and makes sure to provide its clients with long-term quality products. However, after many years of use, some malfunction or problems may occur. You may find that a certain part of the recliner is not working as usual; this is not something you should worry about because Lazyboy is very easy to fix.

Step 1 – Examination
Check your recliner, especially its back, where the backrest fastens to the seat. Sit in your chair and see whether you feel any sort of disbalance; this can happen if you have moved your recliner from one place to another. See if there are any gaps in the side joints. Pull it straight up on the back and align the sides of the brackets of the recliner’s body with the back bracket. Push down the locking lever with your thumbs (you can also use a screwdriver if this seems too hard to do it manually).

Step 2 – Reclining
Tilt your recliner to the upright position if you are not able to recline it. The two wing nuts or the thumb wheel ea should be turned for 1/4-turn. Then try to recline the chair again. Make sure that its adjustments are tight; turn the wing nuts or thumb wheels clockwise if you need to adjust your chair for tall or heavier people. Loosen them for shorter or lighter users (counterclockwise turn off).

For reclining and adjustment issues, you can read our Lazyboy recliner adjustments guide for more information and details.

Step 3 – Check electrical supply
If you are having a Lazyboy recliner that has a heating, make sure to check the power lift. Check the plug for possible damage. The plug should be firmly inserted into the outlet. Check the breaker box to see whether there is power to the outlet; if there is no power, make sure you plug it into another outlet.

Step 4 – Up/Down switch
In case there is amperage overload, you should release the “Up” or “Down” switch. This way it will shut down the motor. The system should have a little time to rest. The cables that tie the secure base should be removed, especially during shipping, because they may be the reason for amperage overload protector’s malfunction.

Step 5 – Check wiring
If you have any problems with your chair (especially for recliners with included massagers) unplug it from the wall outlet. Check if the wiring and electrical components work well. Make sure to see if there are any loose connections (plug firmly all connections). All the wires should be untangled before the chair is plugged into the outlet.

For electric issue with your power Lazyboy recliner, you can read our How to Repair a Power Electric Recliners article for more information.

Troubleshooting your Lazyboy should be a really easy work unless of course there is some problem with the upholstery, frame, cushions etc. Anything else can be easily fixed in no time. All you have to do is check your recliner from all sides and make sure that all the wires and plugs are functioning well.

If you believe that you are not able to detect the problem or if you believe that the damage cannot be fixed at home, feel free to call your Lazyboy supplier for advice or for possible service. You can also of course DIY repair by buying Lazyboy recliner parts suitable to your issue and following many DIY repair guide.

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  1. donna wade - 05/31/2018 at 6:10 pm

    can you add an electric mechanism to a manual recliner. this is a new sofa recliner.

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