How to Replace a Lazyboy Seat Cushion

Lazyboy is perhaps one of the comfiest armchairs out there and no wonder people adore them. Made of plush cushions, the armchair is specially designed to provide you with soft comfort and let you rest while you are watching TV, playing your favorite video games or reading a book.

However, with constant use, the Lazyboy seat cushion can wear out.
Replacing a Lazyboy seat cushion is not a complicated process at all; in fact, it can be done very quickly, but you have to be sure you have picked a cushion that is suitable for your Lazyboy.

Here are six steps that will help you easily replace a Lazyboy seat cushion in no time:

Step 1
First of all, you have to find the information tag on your Lazyboy. Sometimes the replacement of the cushion may be under a Lazyboy warranty cover. Make sure you check it carefully before you take the further steps.

Step 2
Once you got the information tag, contact the Lazyboy warranty department and let them know the info you see on it. They will know exactly whether your cushion replacement is covered under the warranty cover. If it is, you can order a new cushion (make sure it is an original Lazyboy cushion); in case your Lazyboy armchair does not provide your cushion with a warranty cover, then you will have to get a new cushion (again be sure it is Lazyboy original cushion, in order to avoid possible problems when you place it on your original Lazyboy armchair).

Step 3
Once you get your new cushion, see the information tag so you can correctly match the cushion with your armchair. Please follow the steps and get the needed tools before you start removing the cushion.

Step 4
It is time to get rid of that worn-out cushion. Remove it from the armchair (make sure you do it carefully; use a screwdriver and make sure you remove each part carefully without breaking anything). Once you removed the old cushion, slide the new cushion in its place. If you own a recliner, you should know that the rear cushion should be mounted to the chair back.

Step 5
Next, find the cushion’s release levers on every side of the back of the recliner. Push the levers upwards; this way they will release the back cushion. Remove the cushion carefully and prepare for the final step.

Step 6
The final step requires you to lift the back cushion off the chair and replace it with a new back cushion. Push the new cushion in till you hear the sound of the levers clicking in their new place. They are now locked in and your Lazyboy is good as new.

If the step by step instructions above are not clear enough. Here’s a video showing how to replace a seat cushions:

Replacing a cushion in your favorite Lazyboy armchair is really an easy process and you can do it at home by yourself, without spending money taking your Lazyboy to a local repair store. Make sure you follow the steps and the chair’s information tag and you will be good to go. In case you have extra questions about this process, you can always call your Lazyboy department and get more info.

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  1. steve - 05/1/2018 at 9:17 am

    your instructions for removing the seat cusion are instructions for how to remove the bask cusion. great

  2. Scott Johnson - 12/18/2019 at 8:54 am

    Looking for instructions, video, etc on removing seat cushion on my lazy boy recliner. I want to replace the cushion itself. tks,


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