Amazing Collections of Lazyboy Room Decor Inspiration

Are you seeking that perfect Lazyboy room decor, but you still can’t really make up your mind? Lazyboy offers a wide range of super comfortable, easy to use and fancy designed recliners and sofas but here you can also find great Lazyboy design and decor ideas for your home.

Below are amazing collections of Lazyboy room decorations ideas and inspirations to hopefully help you in your own home interior design.

Grey Microfiber Big Man Rocker Glider Recliner
This cozy living room has calm colors and a super cozy grey microfiber rocker perfect for everyone who appreciates comfy naps.
The “Maverick” Rocker
Elegant and classy and yet comfortable and soft, Maverick fits perfectly in this cozy, pastel and elegant living room. Looks amazing next to the rich brown tone of the dresser and makes a wonderful match with the beige carpet.
Warner 3-Way Reclining Lounger, Antique, Olive Green
This duo-chromatic room with a cozy fireplace gets a wonderful contrast with dark brown leather chair. Seems like the best seat house, ideal for a lovely warm up next to the fire.

Brown Rusting Recliner
These big brown recliners make a lovely couple in this wide living room. The big window wall, the log between the chairs and the rustic charm this room has are a perfect combo for a relaxed day or night.

Lazyboy Home Theater Big and Cozy Recliners
Lazyboy recliners for every member of the family in a nice, big home theater. This room looks like the most favorite room in the house and the calm tones of the furniture, the carpet and the walls make it a lovely getaway.
The Cradled Recliner
A lovely recliner to be cradled in. Seems like its comfort and its amazing design, soft cushions and mandatory back and leg support fit excellent in this light living room.
Elegant Comfy Mint Recliners
This wide and elegant room exodus with chic and tasteful design. The mint colored chairs and the little rocker combined with lots of light and nice laminate turned this huge room into a lovely family gathering place.

Contemporary Home Theater Recliners
This home theater is perhaps the coolest one I’ve seen. The guitars on the ceiling and the comfy chairs, enriched with the deep red curtains, give out a carefully planned design.

Messy Morning Bedroom
You can tell that this is a bedroom. Calm colors, messy sheets and a big and super soft lazyboy recliner. The kitty surely found a great spot to sit.
Elegant Blue
The combination of blue colors of this room and the playfull decorations on the wall are a wonderful match with the elegant design of this massive chair. Every piece of decoration enriches wonderfully this color palette.
Reupholster An Old La-Z-Boy Recliner
Even old Lazyboys can serve you well if you decide to change their fabric. With just a little effort you can have a brand new design of your favorite recliner who gives you the ultimate arms, legs and back support.
Living Room Painted in Earthy Colors
Who says that you should stick only to chairs or recliners? This spacey living room is a proof that more is more and the leather sofas put a great accent in the center of the room.

Texan Old Charm
Wide, spacious, blue and relaxing, this room has a nice Texan style designed recliners, and a modern combo of furniture in different colors. The hockey rink and the wide screen make it even more playful and sexy.

Classic Leather Comfort
Rich brown color, leather texture, dark wooden floor – a well known combination for people who value old style. It looks like a small part of otherwise elegantly decorated living room.
Futuristic Lazyboy Recliner
A modern and minimalistic room requires something equally cool and futuristic as this black leathered recliner with storages below its armrest. It stands out lovely among the fair colors of the room.
Lazyboy Recliner Furniture Arrangement
A big family can enjoy the full experience in this almost royal decorated home theater. The camel brown nuance of the recliners and the sofas is the best color tone for this room with wooden walls.

Grey Little Paradise
Combining different tones of grey tuned out to be a wonderful idea for this cozy sitting area. The large fireplace and the statement chandelier are the cherry on top in this design.

Dreamy Nursery
High ceilings, big window and centrally placed cradle, make this nurcery standing out from every other one you have seen. The cozy and puffy recliner is a much needed comfort for the mom.

Power Massager Recliner Cup Holder With Neon Lights
Huge and visibly soft, this Power Massager is literally everything you need in your life. The neon lights in the bottom give a nice cozy ambient light in the spacey pastel room.
Light, Rustic Living Room
This cappuccino colored living room set does not stand out from the other color combo in this light living room. The coffee table and the shelf seem have quite complementary style. The grey-bluish walls are also a nice touch.

Perhaps this choice room designs will give you ideas for your home. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles and colors and add furniture that stands out. All of these rooms spread a nice and calming vibe whether they are decorated in classical, modern or rustic style.

Top 4 Lazyboy Recliners for Gaming

Your night-in dedicated to gaming will instantly become better when you decided to sit in a Lazyboy recliner. Gamers know how consuming video games can be and that’s why they need something that will give them comfort and will not make their back and muscles hurt only after an hour.

So what makes a Lazyboy recliner ideal for gaming?
– First of all, any regular desk chair is good, but it is not excellent and does not give that soft feeling that your Lazyboy gives. Sitting for a long time on a hard chair is not pleasant at all and let’s not forget about all the muscle pain you will feel afterward. And what is better than sitting on a soft and comfy chair while you are gaming?

– Your Lazyboy recliner will give you the ultimate back support. The softness of the cushions on each part of the recliner give a comfortable feeling and you will forget about that ugly tingling in your limbs. Arms and legs need excellent support in the long run, especially during game playing sessions.

– Let’s not forget the fact that your Lazyboy will also support your legs; sitting on a chair with your legs down leads to swelling and pain. When your legs are nicely elevated and your back and arms well supported, you are good to focus on your game for hours. Any Lazyboy recliner will provide you this comfort and you know you deserve it.

Here’s Our Pick for Best Lazyboy Recliners for Gaming

1. Fortune PowerReclineXR+ Reclina-Rocker Recliner

Fortune’s classic look makes it an evergreen. What makes it perfect is that you can raise and lower your legs and back independently, with a press of a button. Now you can spend hours sitting on the Fortune and not feel any back or arm pain. You can raise and lower your back and legs independent of each other. Now you can fully relax thanks to its lumbar support and a power tilt headrest. A bonus – it rocks.

2. Vail PowerReclineXR Reclina-Rocker Recliner

Vail will move you gently and will give you the ultimate back and legs support while you are trying to win your favorite video game. This fancy looking, soothing rocker recliner is designed specially for all night gaming sessions. PowerReclineXR has a power option that can independently adjust the back and legrest only with the touch of a button. You can also set different combination of positions and play your video games for hours and still feel fresh. Elegant, comfortable and big enough to keep you cozy and relaxed, Vail will surprise in a great way.

3. Coleman PowerReclineXR Reclina-Rocker Recliner

Less is more is the main premise of Coleman’s design. This recliner is ideal for people who live in smaller spaces but do not want to lack big comfort. Coleman has a smaller scale, but its comfy and big cushions, chaise seat and the mandatory legrest make it ideal for long hours in your game room. Even if you don’t live in a small space you will still do a great choice with Coleman and its option that lets you adjust the back and legrest in any position you want.

4. Asher PowerReclineXR Reclina-Rocker Recliner

Adorable, puffy and visibly comfy, Asher is the only place you would want to sit while holding your joystick and playing your favorite video game. This large-scale recliner was made for gamers who do not compromise with their comfort and who love big and cozy rockers. The Ultra Plush T-chaise seat construction and the soft fabric are only two of the many reasons to get it. PowerReclineXR has no limits when comes to reclining positions and as all Lazyboy recliners, everything comes with just the touch of a button.

Lazyboy offers a great choice of large and small recliners, with ultimate back and leg support – super important features for gamers who spend a lot of time sitting. Designed to keep you in the best comfort, these recliners will not cause you any back or leg pain even after a whole night gaming session.

How to Replace a Lazyboy Seat Cushion

Lazyboy is perhaps one of the comfiest armchairs out there and no wonder people adore them. Made of plush cushions, the armchair is specially designed to provide you with soft comfort and let you rest while you are watching TV, playing your favorite video games or reading a book.

However, with constant use, the Lazyboy seat cushion can wear out.
Replacing a Lazyboy seat cushion is not a complicated process at all; in fact, it can be done very quickly, but you have to be sure you have picked a cushion that is suitable for your Lazyboy.

Here are six steps that will help you easily replace a Lazyboy seat cushion in no time:

Step 1
First of all, you have to find the information tag on your Lazyboy. Sometimes the replacement of the cushion may be under a Lazyboy warranty cover. Make sure you check it carefully before you take the further steps.

Step 2
Once you got the information tag, contact the Lazyboy warranty department and let them know the info you see on it. They will know exactly whether your cushion replacement is covered under the warranty cover. If it is, you can order a new cushion (make sure it is an original Lazyboy cushion); in case your Lazyboy armchair does not provide your cushion with a warranty cover, then you will have to get a new cushion (again be sure it is Lazyboy original cushion, in order to avoid possible problems when you place it on your original Lazyboy armchair).

Step 3
Once you get your new cushion, see the information tag so you can correctly match the cushion with your armchair. Please follow the steps and get the needed tools before you start removing the cushion.

Step 4
It is time to get rid of that worn-out cushion. Remove it from the armchair (make sure you do it carefully; use a screwdriver and make sure you remove each part carefully without breaking anything). Once you removed the old cushion, slide the new cushion in its place. If you own a recliner, you should know that the rear cushion should be mounted to the chair back.

Step 5
Next, find the cushion’s release levers on every side of the back of the recliner. Push the levers upwards; this way they will release the back cushion. Remove the cushion carefully and prepare for the final step.

Step 6
The final step requires you to lift the back cushion off the chair and replace it with a new back cushion. Push the new cushion in till you hear the sound of the levers clicking in their new place. They are now locked in and your Lazyboy is good as new.

If the step by step instructions above are not clear enough. Here’s a video showing how to replace a seat cushions:

Replacing a cushion in your favorite Lazyboy armchair is really an easy process and you can do it at home by yourself, without spending money taking your Lazyboy to a local repair store. Make sure you follow the steps and the chair’s information tag and you will be good to go. In case you have extra questions about this process, you can always call your Lazyboy department and get more info.

Feet Do Not Touch Ground and Reclines Back Too Far (Solution)

The Lazyboy recliner is an excellent piece of luxury furniture that brings a contemporary feel to any living room and increases its coziness. Part of its appeal is the ability to allow you to just sit back and relax after a long day of work and enjoy your evening. But sometimes, this is not possible, and you find that your feet don’t reach all the way to the ground because the chair leans backwards way too much, making it very uncomfortable. Below we discuss some of the solutions to this problem.

Adjust Lazyboy Recliner Pitch
Sometimes when your feet can’t touch the floor, you may need to adjust the cam (base) of the recliner in order to make it pitch downwards, bringing it closer to the floor. This can be done in the following steps:

– Turn the recliner over, since this is where you will be able to access the cam and its mechanism.
– While keeping the cam in place, grab a screwdriver and loosen the bolts on each side of its mechanism.
– Completely remove the mechanism’s front bolts on each side and store them somewhere safe.
– The cam should be loose enough and adjustable at this point. Slide its frame forward in order to pitch the recliner downwards and get it closer to the ground (do the opposite to pitch the recliner upwards).
– Notice that the cam has a slot in front that exposes five grooves, each representing a base setting, where the front bolts can be inserted. Insert the bolts on the base setting you like.
– Tighten the front and back bolts.
– Turn the chair over and test to see if your feet can now touch the ground.

To see how to adjust the recliner’s pitch so that your feet aren’t dangling in the air, watch the following video:

You will be able to see, with clear explanations, the entire process of loosening and removing the back and front bolts and sliding the Lazyboy’s come forward to lower the pitch. The video also demonstrates how uncomplicated the entire process is.

You Are Short or the Chair is Not the Right Fit
When you find that you have adjusted the pitch downward and your feet still won’t reach the floor, then perhaps it is time to consider that you may be too short for the Lazyboy. In order to be able to sit comfortably when the chair is in its upward position, you can consider getting a footrest (more in this later). If the footrest option is not for you, then you can accept that the chair is not the right fit for you and return it to the store for a refund or get another recliner model that works best for you. Sitting on a chair when your feet are not supported can lead to leg, back and blood circulation problems, on top of being very uncomfortable.

Get a Footrest
As mentioned earlier, a footrest is a great option for short people, but if people of regular height don’t want to go through the hassle of adjusting the pitch, a footrest can also work. A footrest will ensure that your feet are adequately supported while you sit comfortably in your Lazyboy. Footrests also benefit the body in many ways, such as improving circulation and encouraging active sitting (since you will be able to achieve the rocking motion this way). This makes them a great option for everybody and not just people who are too short for recliners.

Don’t be stuck with a Lazyboy recliner that makes it impossible to relax in your own living room. Remember that the sitting experience is why you bought the Lazyboy recliner in the first place and you should do whatever you can to maximize this experience. You don’t want to be stuck with a chair that is a major source of discomfort and can lead to potential health problems. If your recliner is broken and you’re looking for some parts, head over to our Lazyboy recliner parts page.

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