How to Replace a Recliner Tension Spring (DIY Repair)

Recliners feel like a safe haven and are built for comfort. A recliner is versatile that you unwind and relax, watch TV, play games, and even sleep off most of the time while sitting on it. Because of the intensive use, the spring will fail eventually. When it does, you don’t need to throw it away. You can replace it yourself. We will show you the easy steps to follow.

Steps To Replace a Recliner Tension Spring
Before we show you the steps, we want you to know that there are two spring types in a recliner. They both have a different method of replacement. They are the recoil spring and the zigzag spring. Before you make a replacement, you should be able to figure out which is faulty. The slight sag or reclining action will tell which one is problematic.

If you notice that the reclining action is much easier and does not give enough support the recoil spring is probably faulty. But if you feel a sudden uncomfortable sinking sensation, it is likely the zigzag spring needs a replacement. Without any further ado let’s move to the various steps involved.

Replacement of zigzag spring:

Step 1 – Turn the chair over and remove the covering. Locate the retaining bolts that hold the recliner spring in place and loosen them using an adjustable wrench. Be careful not to remove the bolts completely. Ensure they are all ready to come out before you remove the bolts.

Step 2 – Find the broken spring. This shouldn’t be a problem because recliner tension springs are large enough to be seen easily. Once you find it move to the next step.

Step 3 – Pull the top section of the broken tension spring gently until it comes off on its own. When it comes off, you can remove the bottom section from its clamp.

Step 4 – Purchase a replacement tension spring that is compatible with your recliner. The number of replacement spring you will buy depends on the number of the damaged spring. You can contact your recliner seller, the manufacturer or you can buy zigzag spring online.

Step 5 – After buying the spring, you can now proceed with replacing the broken or damaged ones. You can do this by attaching the upper part first and then re-clamp the bottom since the lower part is likely to be much clearer to see.

Step 6 – Re-attach the cover or upholstery and turn the recliner back into proper position. Test the recliner to see if the replaced spring works for you by sitting in it. Replace the damage or old spring in a proper way.

You can buy zigzag spring below:

Replacement of recoil tension spring:

Step 1 – Flip the recliner over, remove the covering and identify where the recoil tension spring is located and attached.

Step 2 – Check to confirm whether the spring is missing, damaged or old. While putting on your goggles, carefully remove the old or damaged recoil spring at each point using a plier. Remember, they are still under tension.

Step 3 – Purchase replacement recoil tension springs. Ensure you buy the compatible ones, and it is advisable you go for heavy duty ones. You can buy recoil tension spring online.

Step 4 – Before you install the spring, it is necessary that you stretch it. Pull it apart gently with two screwdrivers. Give it few minutes to rest in that position. Repeat the same step for the middle too.

Step 5 – Install the new recoil springs by fixing them to the right points. Be careful when you do this. To avoid any harmful situation, lock the adjustable pliers.

Step 6 – Ensure the springs are secure, put back the cover, flip the chair back to the right position, sit in it to test the new mechanism.

You can buy recoil tension spring below:

Also, here’s a video that should help you with the whole process:

With the above steps, how to replace a recliner tension spring should not be a problem again. Follow the steps carefully, pay attention to every detail, and you won’t have to throw away your recliner or call a professional. Remember, you can do it yourself and if you need more help with your recliner read our recliner troubleshooting guide.

How to Troubleshoot your Lazyboy Recliner

Lazyboy designs comfortable and soft recliners and makes sure to provide its clients with long-term quality products. However, after many years of use, some malfunction or problems may occur. You may find that a certain part of the recliner is not working as usual; this is not something you should worry about because Lazyboy is very easy to fix.

Step 1 – Examination
Check your recliner, especially its back, where the backrest fastens to the seat. Sit in your chair and see whether you feel any sort of disbalance; this can happen if you have moved your recliner from one place to another. See if there are any gaps in the side joints. Pull it straight up on the back and align the sides of the brackets of the recliner’s body with the back bracket. Push down the locking lever with your thumbs (you can also use a screwdriver if this seems too hard to do it manually).

Step 2 – Reclining
Tilt your recliner to the upright position if you are not able to recline it. The two wing nuts or the thumb wheel ea should be turned for 1/4-turn. Then try to recline the chair again. Make sure that its adjustments are tight; turn the wing nuts or thumb wheels clockwise if you need to adjust your chair for tall or heavier people. Loosen them for shorter or lighter users (counterclockwise turn off).

For reclining and adjustment issues, you can read our Lazyboy recliner adjustments guide for more information and details.

Step 3 – Check electrical supply
If you are having a Lazyboy recliner that has a heating, make sure to check the power lift. Check the plug for possible damage. The plug should be firmly inserted into the outlet. Check the breaker box to see whether there is power to the outlet; if there is no power, make sure you plug it into another outlet.

Step 4 – Up/Down switch
In case there is amperage overload, you should release the “Up” or “Down” switch. This way it will shut down the motor. The system should have a little time to rest. The cables that tie the secure base should be removed, especially during shipping, because they may be the reason for amperage overload protector’s malfunction.

Step 5 – Check wiring
If you have any problems with your chair (especially for recliners with included massagers) unplug it from the wall outlet. Check if the wiring and electrical components work well. Make sure to see if there are any loose connections (plug firmly all connections). All the wires should be untangled before the chair is plugged into the outlet.

For electric issue with your power Lazyboy recliner, you can read our How to Repair a Power Electric Recliners article for more information.

Troubleshooting your Lazyboy should be a really easy work unless of course there is some problem with the upholstery, frame, cushions etc. Anything else can be easily fixed in no time. All you have to do is check your recliner from all sides and make sure that all the wires and plugs are functioning well.

If you believe that you are not able to detect the problem or if you believe that the damage cannot be fixed at home, feel free to call your Lazyboy supplier for advice or for possible service. You can also of course DIY repair by buying Lazyboy recliner parts suitable to your issue and following many DIY repair guide.

Best Lazyboy Recliners for 2018

If you want to enter the new year with brand new Lazyboy recliner for your home, we have some amazing suggestions that will make you fall in love immediately. Again, Lazyboy made sure to provide you with their well-known comfort and style. Let’s take a look.

Best Lazyboy Recliners for 2018

1. Rowan Reclina-Glider Swivel Recliner
Start the year with this elegant and minimalist designed recliner. Its contemporary design and the smaller size make it perfect for small homes, but also for people who are more into smaller furniture. The modern vibe does not mean that you will get any less comfort and support. Rowan comes with the comfiest seat and legrest for full leg support with only one touch of a button. Perfect for any room in your home, Rowan is an excellent mix of smart design and comfort.

2. Joshua Reclina-Way Recliner
Old-school design that comes with puffy and ultra soft armrests, Joshua looks like the recliner every household needs. Ideal for snuggling up on a cold afternoon or for a long gaming session or a movie marathon. This recliner will become your favorite place to take a nap and rest from the stressful day. Smaller on the size it can recline only a few inches off the wall. Space-friendly, comfy and surely a smart choice for 2018.

3. Fortune PowerReclineXR+ Reclina-Rocker Recliner
Elegant, comfortable and with amazing dimensions, Fortune makes the perfect choice for any home, whether it is going to be placed in the living room, in a bedroom or in the study. Your back and arms will get the ultimate support and rest (just as with all Lazyboy recliners) and the legrest is there too. This rocker with a tilt headrest will become your favorite recliner for watching TV or simply for napping or daydreaming.

4. Casey Reclina-Way Recliner
Casey simply had to make it to this list for our 2018 Lazyboy choices. This minimalist recliner will give you a nice leg rest while it also takes care of your back and neck. Its supportive back and slightly flared rounded track arms are perfect and give your arms a natural rest. Small enough to recliner only a few inches from a wall, Casey is an ideal choice for smaller rooms. It can fit any type of room interior and will serve you well whether you watch TV, breastfeed your little one, nap or play video games.

5. Harbor Town PowerReclineXR Reclina-Rocker Recliner
Its outstanding and different design make Harbor Town pretty much the cherry on top of this list. Stylish and still comfortable, this recliner immediately steals your look with its armrest (a smart combo of wood and cushions), Harbor Town comes with extra soft back and neck cushions, and of course a legrest. Its sleek and modern design and its symmetry make this piece of furniture a must-have for 2018.

We hope that our top 5 recliners will help you make up your mind and pick the model that suits you the most. Lazyboy always puts extra effort to design appealing, comfortable and cozy recliners that will fit in any home whether big or small.

Best Lazyboy Recliners for Small Spaces (Wall Hugger)

Small spaces often require smaller furniture, but it does not mean that you have to give up the comfort. Lazyboy offers some pretty good recliners that have perfect dimensions for smaller spaces and yet still don’t lack the comfort and the coziness (that usually comes with small furniture).

Three reasons a Lazyboy is the best for small spaces:

First, a small room doesn’t necessarily need to be decorated with petite furniture. One piece that is large enough to welcome you into its comfort, and yet small enough not to ruin the space will put a great accent in the room. By investing in a comfortable Lazyboy recliner you are investing in a long-term comfort, a standout piece that will be the center of the attention.

Lazyboy offers recliners that have smaller sizes, that are equally comfortable and cozy as any other recliner on the larger size. The size truly does not matter, because Lazyboy does not spare on comfort, softness, and coziness. Just because your place won’t allow you to decorate it with super, mega large furniture, it does not mean that you cannot find an equally comfortable piece that will serve you well.

Every Lazyboy recliner gives you the option to extend the legrest, so even if this is the only piece of furniture in your small room, you know that you are going to be provided with a comfortable chair where you can sit, or take a refreshing nap, all with the touch of a button. Lazyboy sizes vary but the comfort is equal.

Here’s The Best Lazyboy Recliners for Small Spaces

1. Joshua Reclina-Way Recliner

Joshua Reclina-Way Recliner
With its elegant design and carefully crafted inside and outside, Joshua offers a soft rest for your neck and head. Your arms as well will have a lovely rest on the side padded cushions, and you won’t have to worry about your legs and back either. The fact that this recliner is slightly smaller, makes it beyond ideal for a smaller living room or a perfect chair for a tiny game room. You can even rock and lounge on it because Joshua has it all.

2. Casey Reclina-Way Recliner

Casey Reclina-Way Recliner
Casey is an elegant design, made specially to fit any chick and modern designed living room or bedroom. This recliner has a soft way of welcoming you into its softness and will take care of you in a way you only hoped for. Soft backrest, carefully designed armrests to keep your arms in a nice position and a mandatory legrest – Casey has everything a modern human needs. With Casey you can now recline in only several inches from the wall. Isn’t it perfect?

3. Maverick Reclina-Way Recliner

Maverick Reclina-Way Recliner
Maverick looks like a comfy and puffy seashell. This recliner has the ideal size for your small space, and it will not disappoint you at all. Every inch is carefully padded with soft materials, allowing your back, legs, arms and your neck have the ultimate comfort after a long and busy day. This recliner can do miracles for a nice nap, all you need to do is push the button on the side and let the legrest expand.

4. Jay Reclina-Way Recliner

Jay Reclina-Way
Excellent when comes to its sharp design, Jay has a high backrest that will not let you down when you use this recliner to watch TV or play video games. Smaller on the size, Jay will fit ideally in a tiny living room, won’t suffocate the space and yet will give you the needed comfort. The simple lines make it ideal for perfectionists who want minimalism. Jay is nicely softened with the puffy backrest and the comfortable seat. The mandatory button for the legrest is there too as a cherry on top.

Small spaces no longer have to lack comfortable furniture, because now Lazyboy offers you all the comfort you seek nicely wrapped in puffy, comfortable and soft recliners that will help you rest and lounge just a few inches off the wall.

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