Lazyboy Recliner Covers and Function Options

After a long hard day, there is nothing more comfortable and stress-free than sitting on your very own Lazyboy chair. Now, if you are scouting for a Lazyboy recliner, you might become a little overwhelmed at the range of options you have. Whether you want it on your bedroom or living room, whether you want it with special functions like massage, whether you want it in leather or suede, in black or blue, there will surely be a Lazyboy recliner for you. Let us look into the many different variations of Lazyboy recliners.

Variety in Cover Fabric and Design
In terms of recliner covers, Lazyboy recliners come in three classes: leather, classic fabric, and the newer line of eco-comfort covers. Lazyboy prides itself of its EcoComfort fabrics which come in over a hundred varieties tested and approved environmental-friendly by Oeko-Tex. With the wide range of cover designs, you can surely find a number that will match your preference, as well as the interiors and the design of your room.

Variety in Function
In terms of function, you can find a wide array of choices to fit your every need and whim.

Comfort Touch. Lazyboy also offers Comfort Touch which features a special comfort technology through personalized comfort and firmness settings – with only a touch of a finger.

Eco-Comfort. Released early 2008, the EcoComfort collection features recliners that come in soy-based, 100% sustainable foam cushions. They maintain the comfort standards provided by Lazyboy, and leave small environmental footprint. They come in hundreds of fabric verities, colors and designs.

Gliding or Swivel Motion. You can relax in style with Lazyboy recliners with glide and swivel features. Kick your shoes off, laze around, doze off, or simply enjoy the comfort and ambiance in your living room or office room.

Heat and Massage. Lazyboy recliners also come with heat and massage features to give you some soothing effect on top of the comfort. You can choose from wave motion massage, pulse motion or steady massage, all of which will give your body the invigoration it needs after a hard day at work. The heat released by the recliner can be controlled with a dual thermostat feature so you can enjoy the warmth and superior comfort.

Rocking Recliners. Rocking or rocker recliners do not only feature a reclining seat, but the back and the seat can rotate back and forth to give you the rocking motion. It also has a footrest and armrest to help you achieve the right posture and comfortable position. Rocker recliners also come with a combination of features such as a built-in fridge under the arm rest (storing up to 6 cans of beverage); some also come with swivel, heat and massage features.

Lift Recliners. Lazyboy Lift recliners have a special characteristic: they assist people to stand up from their comfortable sitting position. They feature a recline and lift mechanism that moves the chair up and down, along with motors to recline the back and raise the footrest. With just one push of a button, you can get into standing position as swiftly as possible.

Wall Recliners. Lazyboy also offers a unique wall recliner mechanism in many of their models. This mechanism enables the base to move forward, so only 10cm of space behind the chair is needed, even when the seat is fully reclined. Wall recliners are good options for those short of available space.

You see, with Lazyboy recliners, you are spoilt for choice. The unique innovations, which never compromise comfort and durability, have led to all these varieties to fit the needs of every individual. No wonder Lazyboy has continued to be the top choice for generations. With all these features, you can expect Lazyboy recliners to just keep getting better!

Lazyboy Recliners Style
Learn about different Lazyboy Recliners style.

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    We have a 20 + year sofa and we need a new tray for the middle that folds down making cup holders and arm rest etc.. How can I get a replacement tray ?

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