How to Find the Perfect Lazyboy Recliner for You

Finally decided to get a Lazyboy recliner? You will surely not regret this decision – a recliner chair will make a great addition to your home or office. It’s stylish, comfortable, useful and convenient to operate. However, make sure you don’t spoil the experience by choosing a recliner that does not match your preference and needs.

With unlimited styles and types of Lazyboy recliners today, you are spoilt for choice. There are Lazyboy recliners that rock, swivel, lift, or massage, and they come in different styles that will look fabulous in any room. However, this myriad of choices also means that deciding on the best one for your home or office will be a little more difficult considering your options. What factors should you consider when choosing a Lazyboy recliner for you?

The Style
The first factor to consider when choosing a Lazyboy recliner is your own personal style and preference. It is also equally important to choose a style that will match the room you’ll put the recliner in. Would you like a traditional or modern style, or would you want a more cozy-looking chair? Do you prefer it in leather, suede, microfiber or polyester? Recliners come in a vast range of fabric and colors. Make sure you choose one that will maintain your room’s unified theme and match well with your existing furniture. There are also recliners that respond to special needs

The Size
Again, think about the room you will be putting your Lazyboy recliner in. Will it be large enough to accommodate the recliner you want? Remember that your recliner will need adequate space so that it does not hit anything when reclined, or when the foot rest is raised. As a rule of thumb, allow up to three feet of space allowance between your recliner and the wall. Be sure to check out the spec sheet before finally making the purchase. Size considerations also mean you have to consider who will be using the chair most of the same time. While most Lazyboy designs are made for people of average size and built, there are Lazyboy recliners made especially for large people to endure heavier weight, just as there are for petite individuals with shorter legs.

The Features
Many Lazyboy recliners have special built-in features such as rockers, swivels, lift, massage, even built-in refrigerators and headphones. Reflect on you and your family’s needs, and find out which particular features you need your recliner to have. Bear in mind that these features involve some added cost.

The Price
Lazyboy recliners range from a few hundreds of dollars to a few thousand – from affordable to extravagant. The price is largely dependent on many factors: size, material, features, and so on. Determine how much you are willing to spend for this piece of comfortable chair. From there, narrow down the possible styles and models that will fit your price range.

Consider these four factors when choosing from a wide range of Lazyboy recliner options. Take time to sit, feel and experience your options before choosing one that best suits you.

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  1. Peggy Sloan - 05/9/2016 at 9:11 pm

    What is the best lazyboy loveseat or couch for someone with a bad back. Thanks!

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