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When you think about recliners for your home, the first thing that should pop into your mind are Lazyboy recliners. They are perhaps one of the most popular, if not the most popular, in recliner furniture today. You or someone you know or are related to surely own one in their home or office. There is no other brand that matches the comfort, quality, style and durability that Lazyboy recliners can give. This is the exact reason why it is America’s number 1 choice for generations.

The Lazyboy recliner marked its beginnings in the late 1920’s with the invention of cousins Edward Knabusch and Edwin Shoemaker. From the wood slat outdoor folding chair which became the first Lazyboy recliner, Lazyboy made its way into the living room and became year-round furniture in the 1960’s. The introduction of the Lazyboy Reclina Rocker in 1961 swept the public off its feet as sales increased from a million to over 52 million in less than 10 years. During this time, innovations were introduced including footrest, reclining mechanism, leather covers, and the comfort selector.

The name “Lazyboy” fast became synonymous to comfort and quality because of its many features: reclining positions, body and lumbar support, strong frame construction, secure footrest, patented reclining mechanism, and many others. Today, Lazyboy manufactures over 30,000 chairs and sofas each week. Its innovations have also expanded and improved with time as the company continued to pour more efforts in providing for every need of their consumers.

Lazyboy recliners today now have advanced features such as heat and massage, lift, rocker, gliders and swivels. Some even have built-in refrigerators on their arm rest, and built-in headsets for superior relaxation. Some of the most popular models that are main-stays in many homes today include Reclina-Rest, Power Recliners, AirSpa Massage, Reclina-Glider, La Z-Touch Massage and Luxury Lift Recliners.

Lazyboy recliners come in hundreds of styles, fabrics, cost and colors to choose from. Whatever your personal preference, your living room interior, your taste, or your budget dictates, there will surely be a Lazyboy recliner model out there waiting for you to take home.

A Lazyboy recliner will surely be one of the best ways to relax in luxury and contentment after a long, hard day. It is more than just a piece of furniture, but speaks its place in your home. Its secure footrest will allow you to recline to the most comfortable position, its frame construction will provide adequate body and lumbar support, and its quality construction and wear-tested fabric will allow you to enjoy nights of comfort for many years.

True, Lazyboy recliners cost a lot more than an ordinary chair. But the comfort and satisfaction you will feel at the end of the day, for each and everyday, will surely make each dollar you spent worth spending. Invest in a Lazyboy recliner now and wonder why you have waited this long to make a purchase well-spent.

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  1. Tim Cole - 01/18/2010 at 9:53 am

    What about adjusting the back of the chair? It always wants to return to the sitting position, putting constant pressure on my back when I want to stay reclined.

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