Where is Lazyboy Recliners Made?

If you have ever heard of a recliner, you probably know it under the name ‘Lazy Boy’. But what you might not know is that Lazy Boy is actually the manufacturer of a whole range of furniture products for the household. Still, they remain one of the most popular brands for recliners, couches and other comfortable sitting furniture.

Lazy Boy is a company that started its long and successful career over 85 years ago. The first recliner that hit the market was manufactured in 1928, and Lazy Boy has been the synonym for quality ever since. If you’re looking for a chair that will combine comfort, style and quality of production, this is the right brand for you.

The Lazy Boy corporate family consists of several companies that specialize in the manufacturing of various upholstery products, as well as wooden furniture. Each company meets the standards of quality, stability and management that are required by the Lazy Boy Incorporated.

When making a choice concerning recliners and other furniture, a lot of people take into account the location where the pieces were manufactured. Many Americans prefer the product be made in the USA, and people from other countries also prefer items from the ‘Western World’. This is where Lazy Boy comes in.

Many other companies also offer recliners at a similar price as Lazy Boy, but with one significant difference – Lazy Boy prides itself on concentrating a lot of their factories on American soil. A lot of manufacturers will swear on their quality while importing or manufacturing parts in China, India, or somewhere else overseas. This automatically means that the product is most likely of lesser quality. Lazy Boy high quality recliners are made in the USA, which is why you can be certain of their superior quality. Lazy Boy has five plants, six distribution centers and almost a hundred retail stores located somewhere in the United States. When buying a Lazy Boy product in America, you can be sure that what you get is produced in the USA.

From their early beginnings, when Edward M. Knabusch and Edwin J. Shoemaker opened their first furniture business and started making cabinets from a garage, Lazy Boy was an all-American product. The founders are an incarnation of the American Dream – with hard work and some business savvy, they expanded and became one of the best furniture manufacturers in the USA. Today, the company employs over 11 thousand people.

For products from the same manufacturer which are sold in other countries such as Italy, Germany, the UK and New Zealand, Lazy Boy provided a manufacturing and distribution license, so that they can be sure that the quality of their products remains the same for their foreign clients.

When buying a Lazy Boy, you can be sure you’re buying a product that is made from quality materials and with all the proper care and attention a great product needs. This is why Lazy Boy is a sound choice when it comes to sound furniture.

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  1. Laurie McGhee - 05/3/2016 at 7:06 pm

    Is there a weight limit on Lazy Boy recliners?

  2. Larry - 05/16/2018 at 2:26 am

    I own a Lazy Boy rocker swivel recliner. It squeaks when it rocks. How, where, and what should I use to
    lubricate the chair to stop the noise? Thank You,

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