Lazyboy Recliners for Room Planning and Decoration

Want to buy your very own Lazyboy recliner but don’t know whether it would fit your room just right? Or have you recently purchased one but just couldn’t figure out how to arrange it to get the style that you want? Either way, there are a few factors you need to consider when arranging your room, especially when you are adding in bulky furniture that will regularly be used such as a Lazyboy recliner.

Arranging furniture is usually challenging especially if you have a lot of furniture in a room that is oddly shaped. However, with careful planning and a touch of creative thinking, you can achieve a space that is uncluttered and seemingly stress free. Here are some suggestions that can help you depending on the kind of room you have:

1. Room with windows
Place your recliner chair towards the center of the room to avoid damage on the upholstery because of too much sunlight. If you have a sofa, place your recliner at one end, depending on the style and space.

2. Room with low, curved ceiling
If you have a low ceiling, place your sofa against the long wall, and the TV on the opposite side. Place the recliner on the side of the sofa on the other long wall.

3. Room with a fireplace
If the recliner is in a room that has a fireplace, you would want the fireplace to be the focal point. Depending on the room’s shape and the location of the fireplace, put your sofa on the side with the longest wall space, and then place the recliner directly across from the sofa. Remember not to put it too close to the fireplace as heat can damage the upholstery

4. Small rooms
If you are placing a Lazyboy recliner in a small room and there isn’t really much space for your recliner, there are two things you can do. You can either find a small section that can be backed up to a corner, or put a sofa against one wall and put the recliner on one end across, depending on where your TV is.

5. Long and narrow room
If your room is of this type, place your TV on the part with the smallest room. Put the couch straight across, put your recliner on the other end, and angle it towards the center of the room and the television.

When buying a Lazyboy recliner, make sure that your room has enough space for it. Measure your available space and compare it with the recliner’s dimensions. Lazyboy recliners can take up some space, especially when reclined. It also has to be placed in certain areas – for example, away from direct sunlight or heat. It is therefore very important to plan and design the room in such a way that space is efficiently maximized, and you can get the utmost comfort and relaxation just the way you like it.

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