Buy Your Lazyboy Recliner from an Authorized Dealer

Want to buy your very own Lazyboy recliner? You truly deserve the comfort, style and quality that only a Lazyboy recliner can offer. However, before you make your purchase, make sure you are dealing only with an authorized Lazyboy dealer. Lazyboy dealers are those certified by the company to maintain and uphold the quality and customer service the company provides. Lazyboy partners with these dealers and holds regular training sessions to assure product knowledge and excellent service. There are thousands of authorized Lazyboy dealers in North America and worldwide, and there surely be a few in your city or neighborhood. But why is it important to buy only from an authorized dealer? Here’s why:

1. Warranty considerations
Your Lazyboy furniture purchase always comes along with it a limited lifetime warranty and a one-year warranty for most parts and service. However, you can only enjoy this warranty condition if you buy from an authorized dealer. Some dealers who are not duly authorized may attract you with price promotions and discounts, but you might only end up spending more if you get an item that does not match up to the Lazyboy’s standards in quality and service. Some unauthorized dealers sell Lazyboy products wherein serial numbers have been altered or entirely removed, which voids the warranty altogether.

2. Repair and maintenance
When your Lazyboy starts to wear out and the warranty period has already expired, there will be no one that can help you more than the authorized Lazyboy dealers. – These authorized dealers have the experience to assist you with repairs and maintenance. They also have repair parts that you can buy should your furniture need parts replacement. More importantly, they can help you get in touch with the right channels in as far as repairs are concerned.

3. Customer service
Lazyboy has one of the best customer care service in the industry. Every dealer is committed to uphold this quality of customer service. Authorized dealers work very hard to obtain dealership from Lazyboy. They have the commitment to satisfy their standards to maintain dealership, so you can trust that you will be provided with only the best in customer service. The customer care representatives of authorized dealers have the experience to assist you when making a purchase, with delivery, repairs, and can even provide you tips in caring for your furniture.

4. Reliability of supply
Looking for a special recliner for your home? In general, non-authorized dealers do not usually stock Lazyboy recliners so your options can be limited. Once they receive an order, they usually order from their respective suppliers, but there is no assurance as to when they will get it – it may take days, weeks or even months! However, if you deal with an authorized dealer, you will be assured that the model you want is readily available. At the very least, if the stocks run out, they can order directly from the Lazyboy manufacturer and procure the item for you in the shortest time possible.

Remember that you are buying a piece of furniture that is worth at least a few hundred to thousands of dollars. There is very little room for making mistakes in a purchase like this, especially since you have all the means to choose right. Look through the Yellow pages, or check out the Lazyboy website for the list of authorized dealers in your area. When buying your Lazyboy recliner, choose right and deal only with an authorized Lazyboy dealer. You will surely thank yourself later.

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