Lazyboy Recliner Common Questions, Issues and Complaints (Solved!)

Lazyboy recliners have set the trend in the market with their patented features, various fabric materials, and great options for customization. However, there are few frequently asked queries, and customers reported issues. In this article, you will find the answers to common complaints and questions.

Why is Lazyboy Recliner so expensive?

Lazyboy Recliners is known for premium quality with no comprise in any area. Their labor puts the heart and soul into every piece, making it the statement furniture of your house.

LazyBoy offers a wide variety of luxury products with a lifetime warranty. And their extensive distributor network with excellent customer support makes you at peace with your decision to purchase. So even though it’s expensive, the value you get is fantastic.

Is Lazyboy made in the USA? Where are Lazyboy recliners manufactured?

Lazyboy’s majority of products are manufactured in North America and have the highest number of disturbers in the USA. LazyBoy has manufacturing plants in Dayton, TN, Siloam Springs, and AR Neosho, MO, producing almost 8000 pieces per day.

Why is the fabric on my Lazyboy recliner pilling?

Fabric pilling is often misunderstood as poor quality or a defect in the recliner. In contrast, the pilling results in the initial stage when the fabric is adjusting to the friction of placement, climate, and other factors such as clothing or pets. Hence, if your fabric is pilling, there is nothing to worry about. Quality is assured in every piece of Lazyboy recliner.

However, if the fabric pills, it’s necessary to clean it with non-abrasive mild cleansers. Or use a fabric shaver if required. Or you can avoid the fabric and may opt for leather or any other material of your choice from a wide range of options at Lazyboy.

Why is the color on my Lazyboy recliner coming off? (Losing its color & fading)

Pure leather is one of the most expensive fabric materials used in Lazyboy recliners, and leather sensitive to environmental changes can be prone to fading or staining. Another factor contributing to fading is body oils and sweat, which cause pH changes in Leather. So if you are using the recliner for extended periods, don’t forget to wipe it with cleaner and don’t close it immediately. Let the cleanser dry.

Leather maintenance is adequate to keep it from cracking and fading of color. Lazyboy’s leather recliners have a protective coating. However, it is necessary to maintain it with a dedicated leather cleaner.

Also, if the recliner is positioned by a window, try changing the location to prevent direct sunlight exposure and heat.

Why is my Lazyboy recliner squeaking and making clunking noise?

Lazyboy uses a pawl and ratchet assembly mechanism in their recliners, which allows back-and-forth motion. The squealing and clunking noises are normal and don’t represent any problem with the recliner.

You can follow these instructions to minimize the noise:
• Hold onto the handle all the way while changing the position of the recliner.
• While opening or closing the recliner, lift your leg from the rest pad. It will allow a smooth operation minimizing the ratchet noise.
• Use a rug to muffle the sound. Wooden floors can amplify the noise.
• You can also read our guide for more info.

My Lazyboy recliner is too big/too small. What can I do?

Lazyboy offers support to adjust the recliner according to your height and personal fit. But do you still feel that your recliner is too big/small for you? Contact the retailer to adjust the recline’s tilt, back tension, and springs as per your comfort.

Although you can adjust the height and tension of the recliner by yourself, we highly recommend having a professional for this purpose.

Where do I find Lazyboy Recliner parts and have it repair?

In unfortunate cases, if you have broken or damaged the Lazyboy recliner’s part. You need to contact the retailer where you purchased the product and ask them about the repair and warranty terms. Or you can call the Lazyboy’s hotline for first-hand information on repair and warranty.

We have answered all the most frequently asked questions and common issues faced by Lazyboy recliner consumers. Now you know how to fix it, and there’s nothing to worry about if you have any of the above mentioned issues. Don’t forget to leave feedback!

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