How to Replace and Install Recliner Cable D-Ring

The cable D-ring is an important part of a recliner. Once it is broken or damaged, a recliner is no longer functional. Continuous use will subject it to wears and tears and overtime it gets broken or stripped. But do you know the interesting thing? They are easy and simple to fix once you figure out the problem. Follow the steps below and you won’t have to call a professional.

Steps To Install Recliner D-Ring Replacement Cable
To make the installation process easy, you need some supplies. You need a replacement cable and handle, screw driver and plier. You can buy a replacement cable online, contact your recliner supplier or manufacturer for a new cable d-ring and handle.

Step 1 – Flip the recliner upside down so that the headrest and armrest touch the ground.

Step 2 – Check the lever on the outside of the recliner, you will find screws there. Unscrew the screws using a screw driver. Remove the screw drivers and keep it where you can easily find them but don’t take the piece out yet. Allow it to hang.

Step 3 – Find and locate where the cable comes from the bottom of the recliner to the metal mechanism. Once you locate it, use your hand to release the locking mechanism on the recliner. There is a little hook that connects the cable to the chair, locate it and remember where it is for later.

Step 4 – with the cable loose, remove the clip that is attaching the lever and the plastic cable cover to the chair. Use a nose plier or flat head screw driver to pull the clip holding the cable so it can come out of where it is connected. The clip can break but don’t worry because you are going to replace it.

Step 5 – Remove the entire mechanism by pulling it out from the recliner from the lever side. Then, place the new mechanism in position. This should be done from the outside but ensure the cable is inside.

Step 6 – From the underside, pull out the new mechanism. In case you are finding it difficult to pull the mechanism, remove the covering that is hiding the cable. Just remove the staples, and you will find the mechanism easy to pull.

Step 7 – Once you have been able to pull the mechanism, insert the clip inside the space where you removed the old clip. You might need enough illumination to see it clearly. Push the clip into place by rocking it back and forth carefully. Keep doing that until it snaps into place perfectly.

Step 8 – Attach the hook on the cable to the reclining mechanism. For you to find the perfect spot, you might need to push the lever down. It is not difficult to find even though it likes to hide.

Step 9 – Do you remember the screws u unscrewed at step two? It is time to put them back. You can make use of a drill or screwdriver and screw the replacement handle back into its right position.

Step 10 – Return the recliner back to its normal position and try the cable out to see if its functions well. If it works well, that’s a job well done, but if it does not function properly, it means you have done something wrong during the installation. Re-trace the steps to ensure you have done the right thing. Make corrections where necessary.

Buy Recliner Cable D-Ring Replacement Below:

Quick tips that might help in the replacement and installation of recliner cable d-ring are:
– Purchase a recliner cable d-ring from the manufacturer if you can bu buying from online retailers like above should be fine too and will cost you less.
– Take proper note of where you remove any item during the installation process.
– You can get the replacement cable for free if your recliner is still under warranty.

Here’s a video that should help you with the replacement process:

It is better if you can manage to do the installation and replacement yourself. If you call a repair guy or professional, you would have to pay him. But if you do it yourself, you will be saving some bucks and even have more knowledge about a recliner. You can buy any Lazyboy recliner parts here or read more info on our recliner troubleshooting tips.

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