Lazyboy Recliner 3-Position Locks (Parts & Repair, How it Works)

If you own a Lazyboy recliner, there’s a high chance it comes with 3-positional locks. Each locking position allows you to maximize resting comfort in any of your best position. And I am going to show you how it works and the best way to maximize it. Let’s dive in. How Lazyboy Recliner 3-Position Lock […]

Lazyboy Ratcheting Recline (How it Works, Assembly, Parts & Repair)

If you have a Lazyboy recline chair, you will probably notice it gives a clunk-like sound once you try to recline. That happens due to the presence of a Ratcheting assembly. A Ratcheting assembly allows your chair to recline permanently when you level up the footrest. Let’s take a deep dive into how this works. […]

Lazyboy Recliner Remote Control Replacement and Troubleshooting

Do you have a Lazyboy power recliner, but the remote doesn’t work? Then you wonder what may be happening. Well, the remote may not work for two reasons. It is either you haven’t synced it correctly, or a component is missing or damaged So, if you are in such a dire situation, don’t worry, as […]

How to Find Lazyboy Parts and Repair Shop Near You

Lazyboy Recliners comes with vast features that showcase its durability. However, as the case with most furniture, they are not spared from wear and tear. Such damages occur mainly due to inherent abuse. The best option is to get the best parts and look for a reliable repair shop to help fix damaged recliner parts. […]

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