Best Lazyboy Gift this Holiday

Would you say it was possible to make a Lazyboy recliner even more functional and comfortable? Well, the answer is definitely yes! So if one of your friends or a member of your family owns one of these chairs, stop worrying about what gift you are going to get them for the holidays and surprise them with one of these extremely useful recliner accessories.

Stretch Sensations Gray Slipcover

Stretch Sensations Gray Slipcover
If the person you are buying a gift for likes everything to be clean all the time, they might enjoy this high-quality slipcover. It is made of a material that stretches to fit a wide range of recliner styles, and features a really useful side pocket that can be used to store all sorts of items.

Furniture Fresh Anti-Slip Protector

Furniture Fresh Anti-Slip Protector
Made of a material that has been designed to protect recliners from getting damaged by spills, this product is the ideal present for those who like things to be clean, as well as those who tend to be clumsy. Its microsuede fabric is at the same time water resistant and highly durable.

NeckBone Pillow

NeckBone Pillow
If you want to give a gift that will increase comfort, get this chiropractic pillow. Thanks to its design, it makes sure that the neck and the head are both properly aligned. Its velour fabric makes it gentle to the touch, and it features a zipper that allows you to customize the shape.

Liquid Leather 7-Color Kit

Liquid Leather 7-Color Kit
If the person you are buying a gift for has a recliner with fading colors, this might be the ideal choice. The set consists of seven different colors, a mixing cup, an applicator and a spatula. Available colors include white, yellow, blue, red, brown, green and black.

Perfect Life Ideas 6-Pocket Organizer

Perfect Life Ideas 6-Pocket Organizer
For all those who like their things organized, this is the ideal recliner accessory. The organizer can be attached to the armrest, and is equipped with six pockets that can be used to store items such as remote controls, magazines and glasses. It also has a tray for snacks and drinks.

Foot Rest Lever

Foot Rest Lever
Would your friend or family member like to be able to control the foot rest with the use of a lever? If the answer is yes, then get them this handle. It can be installed on both sides of the chair, and it comes with all the things you will need for assembly.

It might be hard for you to choose among all these useful products. But since they are all so functional, we are certain that your friends and family are going to love them, especially for making their holiday season even more comfortable!

Lazyboy Recliner Accessories You Must Have

Lazyboy recliners are some of the most comfortable and functional chairs on the market, but even they can be upgraded. If you know what you are looking for, you can turn relaxing in your recliner into a fully customized experience. This is why we have decided to provide you with a list of the most popular Lazyboy recliner accessories.

Stretch Sensations Slipcover
If you want to prevent your recliner from getting damaged, all the while enjoying increased functionality, this might be the right product for you. The slipcover is made of stretchable fabric that fits various recliner styles, and is equipped with a handy side pocket that you can use to store your magazines, glasses and similar items.

Furniture Fresh Anti-Slip Furniture Protector
This piece of fabric is specially designed to protect your chair from spills. It features straps that make it easy for you to adjust it to the recliner so it doesn’t move around. It is made of microsuede fabric that is both highly durable and water resistant. It features a thick anti-slip layer.

NeckBone Chiropractic Pillow
If you want to make relaxing in your Lazyboy chair even more comfortable, then you should definitely try out this high-quality chiropractic pillow. It has been specially designed to keep your neck and head properly aligned. It is made of velour fabric that is at the same time soft and durable, while the zipper access makes it possible for you to customize the neck support.

Liquid Leather Recolor Kit
If the fabric on your Lazyboy recliner is starting to fade, simply use this kit to freshen it up. It contains pigment, a spatula, a mixing cup, an applicator and instructions. You can choose between black, brown, green, blue, red, yellow and white.

Perfect Life Ideas Organizer
What if you could neatly store everything you needed while watching TV on the armrest of your chair? This organizer makes it possible for you to do exactly that. It features six individual pockets for organizing things, as well as a tray that you can use to keep your drinks and snacks right where you need them.

Lever Style Handle
This product allows you to raise and lower the foot rest of your chair. It can be used both on the left and on the right side of the recliner. It comes with a round grommet cap and a steel set crew that allow you to install it with ease.

There are so many recliner accessories available that it can be pretty difficult to decide on just one of them. But since they are all so useful, we don’t think you will be disappointed, regardless of which one of them you end up buying.

How to Increase the Lifespan of your Lazyboy Recliners

If you own a Lazyboy recliner, chances are that you simply love it and that you don’t want it to break anytime soon. Fortunately for you, these products are not that difficult to maintain, even if you own a power recliner. Regardless of your circumstances and the type of your chair, the following tips should help you increase the lifespan of your Lazyboy recliner.

Oil the springs
Squeaky and overused springs are among the most common causes of issues people have with their Lazyboy recliners. When they are squeaking, they get on your nerves and make you think there is something seriously wrong with the mechanism. And overusing them can lead to various problems, including a broken reclining mechanism. In order to prevent these issues from happening, simply oil the springs from time to time, and your Lazyboy recliner will last a lot longer. » buy new springs

Avoid overusing the reclining mechanism
One of the biggest reasons for owning a recliner is its reclining mechanism, which is why you want to be able to use it whenever you want. But raising and lowering it all the time can lead to problems with the mechanism itself. And if you want to avoid having to go through the manual in order to determine and fix the issue, it would be best to refrain yourself from using it too often. » buy new mechanism parts

Keep the leather hydrated
Although comfort and functionality come first, appearances matter as well. This is why you should take a couple of simple precautionary measures in order to keep your Lazyboy recliner looking good. If you own a fabric recliner, try using a slipcover to prevent it from getting damaged by spills. And if your chair is covered in leather, make sure to use products for keeping leather hydrated to prevent it from cracking and peeling off. » buy leather conditioner

Use a power surge protector
If yours is a power recliner, you will have to take additional precautionary measures to prevent the motor of the transformer from malfunctioning. One of the first things you should do is buy a power surge protector. You see, both power surges and electrical storms can damage your chair, but that risk will be reduced to a minimum once you plug it into one of these protectors. It might save you a significant amount of money down the line. » buy surge protector

Freshen up your chair with a recolor set
Last but not least, there is a chance that the finish on your Lazyboy recliner will start to fade at one point in time. Fortunately for you, even this can be fixed using a fairly affordable solution – a recolor set. These sets contain various colors that you can use to make your chair look brand new, and are very easy to use. And of course, cleaning your chair is always not a bad idea. » buy recolor set

As you can see, you can keep your Lazyboy healthy for a really long time as long as you follow a couple of simple steps. If you manage to do it, your favorite chair will remain not only fully functional, but good-looking as well.

Where to Find Parts for your Lazyboy Power Recliner

If you own a Lazyboy power recliner, you must know how durable those chairs are. But just like everything else, they too need to be repaired or have their parts replaced from time to time. You might think that maintaining such a sophisticated power recliner is more difficult than maintaining a regular one, but fortunately for you, that’s just not true! Most of these chairs have very similar components and can easily be replaced whenever needed. In this post we are going to tell you where to look for such parts, as well as provide you with a brief description of the most common ones.

As one of the biggest online stores, Amazon should be your first choice for online shopping regardless of what you are looking for. Among other things, it has the largest collection of replacement parts that you can use to fix or upgrade your Lazyboy power recliner. It includes everything from power supply cables to replacement motors.

Being the second largest online store, eBay is another popular choice for those looking for replacement parts for their Lazyboy chairs, including both regular and power recliners. Their offer includes brand new and used parts that you can purchase to fix your favorite chair when it gets damaged. There you will find not only power supply cables, but replacement transformers and motors as well.

View all Lazyboy Power Recliner parts from eBay

Retail stores
If you don’t want to buy your replacement parts online, try visiting some of your local retail stores. If you are lucky, you will find exactly what you need, although their offer probably won’t be as good as the one you will see online.

DIY Repair
Now that you know where to buy all the necessary parts for your recliner chair, the next step is to fix and repair the broken parts. The videos below will guide you through all the steps. If you still need help, make sure to read our how to repair power electric recliners guide.

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