The TOP Lazyboy Recliner Chairs for 2015

There is just something special about relaxing in a smooth and comfy recliner chair. But, searching for a recliner that will completely fit your needs can be exhausting. That’s why we have compiled a list of the top Lazyboy recliner chairs for 2015. Every one of these recliners has been tried and tested, and is sure to provide you with countless hours of relaxation.

1. Jasper Reclina-Rocker Recliner

Jasper Reclina-Rocker Recliner
This amazing recliner may be just what you need after a long day. It’s big and bulky, but for a good reason. The pillow padding in the arms and back gently snuggle your whole body. You can use the recliner for rocking, or you can simply lay back and recline while watching your favorite TV show or reading a good book. It has added leg support, so it contours your body and keeps it straight. This results in long-lasting comfort, without backache appearing after prolonged sitting. » Buy now!

2. Pinnacle Reclina-Rocker Recliner

Pinnacle Reclina-Rocker Recliner
Pinnacle is one of the top choices when it comes to recliners. It offers relaxation and rest, and if you happen to fall asleep in the recliner, you can be sure that you will wake up well-rested, with no pains or aches. Once you try rocking and reclining in it, you will never want to go back. Its plushy-pillowed back support and stitched arm rests, along with leg support, provide comfort for the whole body. You can customize it by adding some additional features such as an adjustable headrest, for a perfect viewing angle, or by choosing among over 700 different covers, from typical brown, to a more enticing light-green. » Buy now!

3. Charlotte High Leg Recliner

Charlotte High Leg Recliner
The Charlotte is perfect for those who like their furniture to have lags, and not adhere to the floors along all their edges. This classical-looking chair doesn’t even look like a recliner at first glance. But a recliner it is, and a very good one. Its clean design lines provide class and simplicity, coupled with amazing comfort the padding provides. You can also choose from different covers – over 800 of them – from simple one-color designs, to floral or geometric patterns. All in all, the Charlotte is classy and comfortable, and perfect for people who are careful about their interior design. » Buy now!

4. Vail Reclina-Rocker Recliner

Vail Reclina-Rocker Recliner
The Vail is a typical recliner, but only by the way it looks. Once you take a seat, it transports you into a land of snugly comfort. Enjoy the smooth rocking motion, or take extra care to properly adjust the back and leg rest – all of this at the touch of a button. The Vail offers a seemingly endless list of comfortable variations. It is a bit smaller than your usual recliner, so it’s perfect for those who are low on space, but want to go big on comfort. With the Vail, you don’t need to make any compromises! » Buy now!

5. Lancer Reclina-Rocker Recliner

Lancer Reclina-Rocker Recliner
This simple yet elegant recliner gives you a comfortable option for your interior design. It is snugly and provides your whole body with the support it needs to prevent aches and pains. With its straightforward lines, this recliner fits into just about any room. The Lancer Reclina-RockerĀ® Recliner gives you the opportunity to choose from over 750 different covers, so you can be sure your new recliner fits your room decor perfectly. » Buy now!

With the comfort and style they provide, recliner chairs have become a must-have in practically any home. But a good recliner is difficult to come by, so we have tried to make your choice easier by listing our top picks. Choose any of these excellent recliners, and you are sure not to be disappointed.

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