Lazyboy vs Flexsteel Recliners (Which One Should You Buy?)

Adding a recliner to your set of living room furniture brings out style and maximizes your comfortability. Some of the popular brands of the recliners include the Lazy boy and Flexsteel. While both offer the best in terms of quality and comfort. It is sometimes difficult to choose between alternatives. Therefore a comparative review has been put in place to help make the best buying decision.

About Lazyboy Recliners
The company Lazyboy started in 1927 by Edward knabush and Edwin shoemaker. They have upgraded over the years to create an upgraded set of upholstery that adds style and comfort to your home. The Lazyboy recliners are one of their products which have a four-sided frame construction with a stylish and relaxing feel.

About Flexsteel Recliners
Flexsteel Recliners manufactured from Flexsteel company is an American based product with an exclusive taste for making high quality living furniture. This is well portrayed in their recliner models coming with unique style, comfort, and design.

So Which One Should You Buy?
When it comes to selecting between the two types of the recliner, you have to consider some factors:

1. Which one is the best budget?
When it comes to the price tags of both recliners, there tend to be no much of a difference. Especially when both come with the same features; therefore, this raises a tie as both come at the same price range with little more or less than a few dollars difference.

2. Which offers the best quality?
Lazyboy beats Flexsteel in this category owing to the type of filler and material make-up. The Lazyboy recliners come as a cushion which is filled with a contour-type of foam. The Flexsteel is ordinarily filled up with stuffing. The contour foam filler in Lazyboy recliners keeps the cushions in shape, prevents shifting no matter the pressure or weight exerted on it daily.

3. Which has better design and style?
This is a factor that can hardly be ignored. The design and style of the recliners add up a little taste to whatever room you are putting it in. When it comes to Lazyboy and Flexsteel recliners both are quite unique and have some of the best stylings. They both offer a wonderful collection of colors and fabrics.

4. Which one of the recliners are more comfortable?
Lazyboy recliner has leather fabric, contour foam filler, and a simultaneous recline and rock feature to make it more comfortable than the Flexsteel model. The Flexsteel recliner, although comfortable, is quite firm to feel does not support the rock and recline feature.

5. Which has a better frame construction?
The frame construction on the recliners is one of the principal factors that contribute to its durability. A quick look at the undersides of both models of Flexsteel and Lazyboy recliners shows that the Flexsteel comes with a three-frame construction while Lazyboy comes with four-frame construction. A three-frame structure could cause reclining mechanisms to break over time. This, however, puts the Lazyboy on the limelight. And if your Lazyboy ever gets broken, there are always Lazyboy parts and repair for you.

6. Which one is safe?
Both recliners are safe for use, and they come with a flexible operating mechanism. With the Lazyboy, there is the dual locking footrest meaning that the footrest goes down when you release the handle. The Flexsteel’s footrest drops down only when you exert pressure.

The recliners itemized in this post are one of the top best native recliners you can ever get in the market today. They each have an elegant style and are of the best quality. However, some of the recliner’s feature gives one an edge over the other. This comparative review is here to help make an informative decision when buying.

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