Lazyboy Recliner Armrest Covers (Armrest Cover Reviews)

Recliners make it easy to rest, relax and lean back at different angles. Lazyboy recliner sought-after because they provide comfort with their soft cushioned seat, wide arms, and adjustable reclining back. Although it can be the ideal furniture, it may require armrest covers which will be reviewed in this article.

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Armrest Cover for Your Recliner

Improved durability of the recliner: Often, nothing wears out faster on your recliner than its arms! The suitable arm covers or arm protectors can help you extend the life of your lazyboy furniture for years to come. For instance, they can provide protection from daily wear and tear, stains, and scratches.

Easy maintenance: Apart from protecting the lifespan of the recliner, a clear advantage of armrest covers is that they are typically machine washable. Thus, they can easily be slipped off and put in the washing machine whenever they become dirty. No wonder it is a must-have for homes with children and pets.

Easy to use: The armrest covers are often made with premium fabric material that is softer, more flexible, and easy to stretch, such as linen, spandex, or polyester. The material makes it easy during the installation process, and it is also easy to remove. In addition, it is easy to fit armrest covers to look concealed.

Change the appearance of the recliner: One of the most overlooked parts of a recliner is the armrests. Even though many people usually take them for granted, it can be an option to revamp your recliner in terms of design. Since armrest covers come in several different colors, you can choose one to add style to your space.

5 BEST Lazyboy Recliner Armrest Covers

1. Subrtex Armchair Slipcovers for Recliner

Subrtex Armchair Slipcovers for Recliner
This armchair cover has the right dimensions and can be a one-size-fits-most option. Hence, it will fit most recliners. It is also made with excellent materials such as spandex and polyester that are high quality and provide functionality. In addition, it is easy to install and remove for machine wash. Even though this armchair slipcover is on the cheaper side, it offers total value for money as it has everything that makes a good armchair cover. It also comes with a warranty. » View and check price…

2. Joywell Recliner Narrow Linen Armrest Covers

Joywell Recliner Narrow Linen Armrest Covers
Renew your recliner armrest with this armchair cover. It’s easy to install, remove and it’s machine washable. It has a modern and innovative design with four pockets on the outside. These pockets can easily fit a TV remote control, phone, and other devices or items. Thus, you can have a convenient storage space right in your recliner. Additionally, there is unique composite water-proof material inside, so never mind if a drink spilled on the sofa armrest, this cover would protect your recliner. » View and check price…

3. Haomaihia Sofa Armrest Cover

Haomaihia Sofa Armrest Cover
The HAOMAIJIA slipcover is made with high-quality cotton and polyester. Still, it feels like a luxurious velvet fabric, which is comfortable and durable. The material is very thick, and it will be comfy to use as a cushion. Additionally, it is a multifunctional arm cover that ensures that your furniture is protected from spills, dirt, wear and tear, especially suitable for leather recliners. It is also easy to wash with daily cleaning, support washing, or dry-cleaning. Installing it is easy with a nonslip backing-silicon rubber dot design. » View and check price…

4. Deep Dream Sectional Couch Covers

Deep Dream Sectional Couch Covers
Deep Dream sectional couch covers have high-quality velvet and polyester fiber fabrics, which are soft and smooth to make your sofa more comfortable and durable. The armrest slipcover adheres well to the recliner surface, preventing wrinkling and slippage. The grippy material also enhances comfort while you are sitting on the recliner. It is suitable for all seasons, not only for recliner covers, but it is also multifunctional and can be utilized as a baby play mat, floor pad, window bench mat. » View and check price…

5. Recliner Armrest Anti-Slip Furniture Protector

Recliner Armrest Anti-Slip Furniture Protector
This skin-friendly and breathable armchair cover is made with actual velvet fabric that is thick and soft. In addition, the material is stretchy and does not fade. It also comes in various colors, which enhances your living room decor and instantly brightens up your old furniture. Also, it is easy to install and has a unique feature that enables the adhesive velcro, which is invisible, while holding firmly onto the armrest without tears or damage. » View and check price…

Considering how expensive recliners can be, you have to make sure they last so you can enjoy every moment. However, you still need to put some effort into protecting your recliner to last long. The armchair cover or slipcover can be the solution since it is often the most damaged part.

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