How to Take Care and Maintain Your Lazyboy Recliner

There is no piece of furniture that can give you the best comfort than a Lazyboy recliner. It is an investment that can stay around and you can enjoy for a long time, but only if you know how to properly take care of it. Your Lazyboy recliner will easily become your most favorite piece of furniture. It will be your comfort after a day’s work. If you want this comfort to last, make sure you follow the following tips for maintaining your Lazyboy recliner:

1. Get your Lazyboy a good slipcover
Recliners usually come in smooth leather or polyester and in bright, beautiful colors. With continued use, the bright color can eventually fade and wear and tear will make the texture uncomfortable. A slipcover can protect the fabric of your recliner. It prevents unwanted moisture to slowly damage the recliner due to spilled drinks, sweat, humidity, and so on. It also protects it from regular wear due to frequent usage. Changing slipcovers is a lot cheaper than having to re-upholster your recliner, or buying a new one.

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2. Control the humidity of the room.
Temperature and humidity can damage your Lazyboy recliner. Make sure you don’t expose it to high humidity which can cause the color to easily fade and the texture to wear out. The ideal temperature for a Lazyboy recliner is 25 degrees Celsius. Never expose it in heat or radiation, or you run the risk of drying up or cracking the fabric. Make sure to have some air flowing in the room as well, not only for the sake of your furniture, but for you as well.

3. Keep your pets off your Lazyboy recliner.
Yes, you probably do love your pet that much that you want to give it just as much comfort. But think about how much you spent for this piece of furniture. Your pet can leave some fur on the seat which may cause a problem. Worse, your pet can easily scratch the cover or leave a stain which might not be easy to remove. To ensure your recliner’s longevity, don’t let your pet lay around it. Getting your pet its own comfortable place would be a lot cheaper.

4. Clean your recliner often.
Make sure to clean the crevices of your recliner as this is where dust often accumulates. Be sure to use a cleaner that will be gentle on your recliner material. Remember that harsh chemicals can damage your recliner fabric.

5. If accidents happen, know how to manage it quickly.
Accidents and spills can happen. When there are spills, immediately get some soft cloth or tissue and wipe with blotting motions. Do not rub onto the fabric as it might cause further damage. Never let spills dry up on your recliner.

Take note that dark-colored recliners are generally easier to maintain than light-colored ones. If you want your Lazyboy recliner to provide you with comfort for a long time, make sure you properly maintain and handle it with care. Follow these five tips and your recliner will surely last you years and years of comfort.

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