How to Safely Move or Ship Your Lazyboy Recliner

Moving somewhere and would like to bring your Lazyboy recliner with you? Well, can’t really blame you! Here are some important information you need to know about transporting or shipping your Lazyboy recliner. These information may also come in handy should you need to ship your Lazyboy recliner for repairs, if you plan to buy online or on eBay, or conversely, if you plan to sell it.

Now, with the bulk of Lazyboy recliner chairs, moving it from one place to another might be costly. Furniture such as recliners are usually shipped or transported through the following methods:

1. As freight
Shipping your recliner as freight is usually the least expensive method for shipping furniture. There are many courier services who accept furniture for shipping as freight. You can check the Yellow Pages for one nearest you. One important thing to note about shipping your recliner as freight is that you will be responsible for packaging, loading as well as unloading your recliner. If this doesn’t seem a problem, then shipping by freight is most economical.

2. Shipping through movers
If you can’t see yourself packing, more so loading and unloading your recliner, you might want to have it shipped through white glove movers. They offer door-to-door service and they are mainly responsible for packing away your recliner, loading and unloading them. This additional service, however, comes with hefty fees.

3. Renting or borrowing a truck
If you are moving not only your recliner but the rest of your furniture, it is best to rent a mover truck. There are surely a number of moving companies in your area. Again, renting a truck would mean that you will have to do the packing, loading and unloading yourself.

Remember that your recliner can be susceptible to frame damage and possible tear in the upholstery. It is a must that you carefully prepare it for shipping to avoid unnecessary damage. How do you prepare your Lazyboy recliner for shipping or transport?

First, make sure to remove all slipcovers, cushions and other loose parts. Wrap your recliner with some furniture removing pad or bubble wrap, to protect it from tears and rips. If you are shipping by freight, it is best that you crate your recliner to ensure proper packaging.

When loading your recliner, try not to lift it by the back or by the arms – these are usually the weakest points in the chair. Instead, lift the recliner from the bottom, which is its strongest point. Also, avoid dragging the recliner by one end. Try “walking it” by moving one side, then the other, in small steps to avoid damage. Make sure you don’t knock the legs and edges with against anything hard or sharp. It is also a good idea to put your recliner on furniture sliders so that positioning becomes easy.

Make sure you hire only the service of a good freight courier or moving company. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars to have your favorite recliner shipped or transported.

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  1. bettyDavis - 11/5/2016 at 8:49 pm

    When moving your recliner, does the back (or any parts) come off?

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