How Much Are New Lazyboy Recliners?

Are you looking at buying your very own brand new Lazyboy recliner but not sure whether the price is right? How much are brand new Lazyboy recliners in the first place?

Lazyboy recliners can vary largely in terms of price. Although prices of similar models are comparable, there really is no standard pricing scheme, so you can do your own price comparison to get the best deal for your money. The price of a brand new recliner chair generally depends on the type or model of recliner chair, the type of upholstery, the material used, the additional features, among many others factors. Of course, the price you get it for can also depend on where and when you bought your recliner.

1. The type or model of the recliner chair
Lazyboy recliners come in over a hundred models, each featuring different material, cover design, and a lot more. While Lazyboy office chairs and swivel chairs generally cost less than $300, chairs with basic reclining mechanism are from $400 and up. Leather upholstery also generally cost more than other fabric. The upholstery material also has a big effect on the price of Lazyboy recliners.

2. Features
Lazyboy recliners with more features generally cost a lot more than those with no features. For example, recliners with heat and massage feature generally cost over $1,000 (can go as high as $2,000), while those with lift feature are from $500 and up. Recliners with medical features can go as high as $2,500.

3. Where you buy your recliner from
As mentioned earlier, Lazyboy recliner prices are pretty standard. However, you can get large discounts if you buy from the right places. For example, you can check out Lazyboy recliners through online stores and see how much cheaper they are than those in physical stores, even in authorized dealers. There are even new recliners being sold on eBay at unbelievably cheap prices. However, buying online (especially on eBay) means that you will need to make some risky decisions and there are hefty shipping fees that need to be shouldered by the buyer.

4. The time and season
In fairness to authorized dealers, they can also offer you good buy in recliner chairs during clearance sale and holiday seasons. Clearance sales for Lazyboy recliners usually happen in July, while holiday sales usually happen during the months of Mother’s and Father’s Day. During these months, you can enjoy shopping for a brand new Lazyboy recliner at deep discounted prices.

Brand new Lazyboy recliners generally range from $400 to a few thousands of dollars. This means that if you are interested in buying one, you should at least save up this much. There are, however, means by which you can stretch your budget. If you look in the right places, you can find Lazyboy recliner sale so you can enjoy the best your money is worth.

The point is, before buying a Lazyboy recliner, make sure you have done ample research. A recliner is undoubtedly a worthy investment, but getting some savings along with the purchase is always most welcome. Read our things to remember before buying a Lazyboy recliner for more info.

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