Feet Do Not Touch Ground and Reclines Back Too Far (Solution)

The Lazyboy recliner is an excellent piece of luxury furniture that brings a contemporary feel to any living room and increases its coziness. Part of its appeal is the ability to allow you to just sit back and relax after a long day of work and enjoy your evening. But sometimes, this is not possible, and you find that your feet don’t reach all the way to the ground because the chair leans backwards way too much, making it very uncomfortable. Below we discuss some of the solutions to this problem.

Adjust Lazyboy Recliner Pitch
Sometimes when your feet can’t touch the floor, you may need to adjust the cam (base) of the recliner in order to make it pitch downwards, bringing it closer to the floor. This can be done in the following steps:

– Turn the recliner over, since this is where you will be able to access the cam and its mechanism.
– While keeping the cam in place, grab a screwdriver and loosen the bolts on each side of its mechanism.
– Completely remove the mechanism’s front bolts on each side and store them somewhere safe.
– The cam should be loose enough and adjustable at this point. Slide its frame forward in order to pitch the recliner downwards and get it closer to the ground (do the opposite to pitch the recliner upwards).
– Notice that the cam has a slot in front that exposes five grooves, each representing a base setting, where the front bolts can be inserted. Insert the bolts on the base setting you like.
– Tighten the front and back bolts.
– Turn the chair over and test to see if your feet can now touch the ground.

To see how to adjust the recliner’s pitch so that your feet aren’t dangling in the air, watch the following video:

You will be able to see, with clear explanations, the entire process of loosening and removing the back and front bolts and sliding the Lazyboy’s come forward to lower the pitch. The video also demonstrates how uncomplicated the entire process is.

You Are Short or the Chair is Not the Right Fit
When you find that you have adjusted the pitch downward and your feet still won’t reach the floor, then perhaps it is time to consider that you may be too short for the Lazyboy. In order to be able to sit comfortably when the chair is in its upward position, you can consider getting a footrest (more in this later). If the footrest option is not for you, then you can accept that the chair is not the right fit for you and return it to the store for a refund or get another recliner model that works best for you. Sitting on a chair when your feet are not supported can lead to leg, back and blood circulation problems, on top of being very uncomfortable.

Get a Footrest
As mentioned earlier, a footrest is a great option for short people, but if people of regular height don’t want to go through the hassle of adjusting the pitch, a footrest can also work. A footrest will ensure that your feet are adequately supported while you sit comfortably in your Lazyboy. Footrests also benefit the body in many ways, such as improving circulation and encouraging active sitting (since you will be able to achieve the rocking motion this way). This makes them a great option for everybody and not just people who are too short for recliners.

Don’t be stuck with a Lazyboy recliner that makes it impossible to relax in your own living room. Remember that the sitting experience is why you bought the Lazyboy recliner in the first place and you should do whatever you can to maximize this experience. You don’t want to be stuck with a chair that is a major source of discomfort and can lead to potential health problems. If your recliner is broken and you’re looking for some parts, head over to our Lazyboy recliner parts page.

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