5 Reasons to Buy Lazy Boy Reclining Sofa

If you have ventured online in search of a recliner sofa, chances are that you have heard of La-Z-Boy. The brand is one of the most well-known names in upholstered furniture like recliners and sofas. Located in Michigan, the company holds more numerous US and international patents for its innovative designs and mechanisms. Needless to say, the company makes some of the best recliners and reclining sofas in the market. If you still need convincing, here are 5 reasons why your next reclining sofa should be one with the La-Z-Boy mark.

Lazy Boy Reclining Sofa


Deep customisation has always been one of the key selling points with La-Z-Boy products. You can find the right look that will go perfectly with your home and space with 900+ different customisation options. These options allow you to create your very own and unique product that is one of its kind. The company also employs design experts and specialists who can help you create a product that would be a perfect fit for your home.

Made in the United States

In this day when almost everything is made and assembled overseas to maximise profits and reduce costs, La-Z-Boy is one of very few brands that manufacture its products in the United States. The company employs over 11000 people in its 5 manufacturing facilities across the country. This also makes repair and replacement operations a lot faster since there is no need to wait for parts to be shipped in from overseas.

Proven quality

La-Z-Boy was established in 1927. The company started out by inventing the first mechanical rocking chair way back in 1928 and ever since then, La-Z-Boy has continued to innovate with recliner mechanisms and styles. However, the company remains the ultimate name when it comes to quality and trustworthy products. Every La-Z-Boy product comes with a lifetime warranty and is built using quality hardwoods and reinforced steel that allow it to last for years to come. If your sofa ever need some repairing, you can easily buy Lazyboy reclining sofa parts.

Easy cleaning

La-Z-Boy products come with special stain resistant fabrics that resist spills and stains. With the company’s iClean Technology, most messes can be cleaned up with water and a towel or rag, irrespective of the colour of the fabric. Specific instructions on how to take care of the fabric can be found on the company’s website but the fact that its products come with such robust stain resistance right out of the box is commendable, especially if your household has kids or pets.

Easy operation

While recliners offer the most comfortable experience of any piece of furniture, it is not always easy to operate them. However, La-Z-Boy’s innovative design techniques have resulted in a very simple mechanism that makes every operation and movement super smooth and with minimal effort. There is even a simple wing nut system that can be adjusted to change the force it takes to change the configuration of the sofa.

So there you have it: 5 reasons why you should definitely purchase a La-Z-Boy product if you are in the market for a recliner sofa. The brand guarantees quality, value for money, and comfort that no other competitor can offer. La-Z-Boy products truly are the very best when it comes to reclining furniture.

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