Best Lazy Boy Recliners for Tall Man/People (Reviews & Guide)

Tall people have it easy in most runs of life. They are perceived to be more masculine, more attractive, and overall tend to be perceived more favourably than shorter individuals. However, karma does bite back when it comes to comfort. Whether you are talking about legroom in aeroplanes or headroom in cars, tall people are […]

Best Lazyboy Recliners for Small Spaces (Wall Hugger)

Small spaces often require smaller furniture, but it does not mean that you have to give up the comfort. Lazyboy offers some pretty good recliners that have perfect dimensions for smaller spaces and yet still don’t lack the comfort and the coziness (that usually comes with small furniture). Three reasons a Lazyboy is the best […]

Lazy Boy Recliners for RV? (Best Wall Hugger, Loveseat RV Recliners)

If you own a motor home, you might have thought about getting a recliner chair for your RV. But, before settling on any decision, it is always good to consider all the pros and cons of such a move. There are some questions you need to ask yourself before you buy that recliner. RV Recliners […]

Lazyboy Recliner Armrest Covers (Armrest Cover Reviews)

Recliners make it easy to rest, relax and lean back at different angles. Lazyboy recliner sought-after because they provide comfort with their soft cushioned seat, wide arms, and adjustable reclining back. Although it can be the ideal furniture, it may require armrest covers which will be reviewed in this article. 4 Reasons Why You Should […]

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